facilitating change in the Covid Era


We Are Mark, Laurie & Katrina

In the face of the need to change everything about the way we do business to survive a new era ushered in by the Covid 19 pandemic, we joined forces, combined our resources, expertise and passions to form KLM Enterprises Inc.

Our Motto and Mission is to facilitate change in a Covid era by respecting a number of principles beginning with the nature of Time, which is equal for all. no individual or organization has more time than any other, and it is part of our process, to always make the best of the limited time we have to achieve our goals. The second principle is Responsibility: We take responsibility by respecting that it is our actions that create the outcomes that we seek to facilitate. We accept that when we don't get the outcome we planned for,  we have to adjust our actions in an effort to try again to appropriately facilitate a different outcome. 

Mark Firehammer Chief Operating Officer

the accumulation of Expertise

Our Brands

Originally acquired in 2010, the Pilates studio is our flagship fitness business example of what happens when you apply principally oriented and streamlined process to a post Covid business model.

Launched May 2021 - Our own on-demand fitness membership Platform. 

Conceived February 2019, and officially launched July 2019. The team focuses on helping other Pilates and fitness related businesses to apply sound business practices.

We acquired Attract More Clients, and gained 20 years of digital marketing expertise to bring to bear on business success.

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