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Working with Kay during bone density reformer class is so good for me! My balance and strength continue to improve as does my body image. So empowering!

Patricia L.

I know my balance has improved since doing Pilates because now I often forget to take my cane!

Jane T.

I have been going to The Pilates Studio for several years now and can only say great things. I wish I was more consistent with going, but when I do return I find that the mat and reformer classes all help with my low back and hip tightness. I especially love the atmosphere - I find that those sneaky instructors make my core work double just by making me laugh in nearly every class! The instructors are super knowledgable, and every class seems to have something new or different to keep it interesting. I recommend TPS to nearly every person I talk to who wants a good, balanced workout with fun and creativity. 5 Stars!!

Marla L.