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Pilates Fest 2017!


Join us on Saturday February 11th for a whole day of Pilates and fun! Our instructors will be teaching a variety of mini classes.  It’s a great opportunity for you to try out new classes or introduce Pilates to your friends.

Buy a day pass and take as many classes as you would like:

Sign up for everything you want to participate in

(space is limited in each class)

Purchase a day pass 


I’ve never done Pilates before. Is this a good event for me?

This event was created for you! We packed our schedule with a variety of what we offer at the studio so you can try anything and everything you want- no experience necessary!

I heard Pilates would be good for me but I have an injury/specific concern and I’m not sure if doing Pilates in a class environment will be safe.

Sign up for one of our Injury and Chronic Pain Consults. You’ll meet one on one with a qualified instructor who will address your concerns, explain if and how Pilates can help and point you in the right direction.

I saw on your schedule that there is a Reformer Class at 9am and a Mat Class at 10am but I can’t register for those with my day pass.  How come?

These 2 classes are not part of Pilates Fest.  They are our regular Saturday morning classes.

I really want to try a class but there is a wait list.  Any chance I’ll get in?

Definitely add yourself to wait lists of classes you want to take.  This shows us what people want and if we can we will add in more classes.  People are shifting their schedules as we add things so yes, there is a chance.  We will contact you from our email address: if you get moved off the wait list.

I’m having trouble registering/purchasing/signing up or I have a question that isn’t answered here.  Can you help?

Yes! and I am more than happy to.  Just email Laurie at


Ruth Hutton Pilates Instructor

Ruth Hutton

Pilates Instructor

Ruth brings a rich background to her work at the studio. As a classically trained actor, documentary photographer, teacher of literature and of English to recent immigrants, she has a deep curiosity about and understanding of the human condition, including chronic pain. A lifelong teacher, Ruth is eager to help others discover what she did--that besides being entertaining, calming, and strengthening, Pilates can help you get out of recurrent or chronic pain.

Having lived in many places, Ruth learned to be comfortable with frequent transitions. Transition is often an underlying factor associated with recovery from an injury, fitness goals, or moving into a different phase of life. Ruth's superpower is her ability to meet her students wherever they are, and to guide them forward with empathy and compassion.

Ruth's has always found that exercise brought balance to her life. Besides being a Polestar Certified Pilates instructor, Ruth has a B.A. in Theatre from Williams College and an M.A. in English from Cambridge University, England, where she defied her beloved British friends who told her the truest test of her self-discipline would be if she could not exercise, but instead spend an entire weekend inside with them, drinking, smoking, and reading the papers.

Leave Ruth a Review!

Ruth is one of the wonderful instructors at The Pilates Studio in Hadley. I had taken mat classes for more than a year when I decided to try an apparatus class. Ruth was the instructor who welcomed me into her class and paid special attention to me, making sure that I was performing the exercises correctly. She has a very gentle, kind personality and I miss taking her mat classes!

Susan H.

New Prices effective 11/1

On November 1, 2016 our prices will slightly increase.

You can buy packages and make account payments online or in person before November 1 to receive the old rates.

The Introductory Package…$180

Private Pilates Session…$72
Package discounts: 5 for $330/ 10 for $640/ 20 for $1240

Semi Private Pilates Session…$47
Package discounts: 5 for $205/ 10 for $390/ 20 for $740

Small Group Pilates Session…$37
Package discounts: 5 for $160/ 10 for $300/ 20 for $600

Independent Pilates Session…$20
Package discounts: 5 for $95/ 10 for $180/ 20 for $340/ monthly membership $150

Mat Classes…$16
Package discounts: 5 for $70 / 10 for $130 / 20 for $200 / Buddy Pass $288 (30 classes 2 friends)/ monthly membership $125

Apparatus Classes…$26
Package discounts: 5 for $115/ 10 for $210/ 20 for $400

Account Payments…$ You decide
$100-$399  All the 5 package rates
$400-$899  All the 10 package rates
$900 and up   All the 20 package rates


Pilates for Kids!

pilates-for-kids-3Fridays 3:30pm-4:30pm

January 20th- February 10th

with Maureen Shea and Nate Olsen

Hello kids!  This is YOUR chance to try out Pilates!  Learn all the ways that your spine can MOVE; GROW even taller; become STRONGER as you become longer; BREATHE (and giggle, too); figure out BODY PUZZLES; feel GOOD in your skin.  Wear comfortable clothes!

All kids ages 6-12 are welcome and encouraged.

No Pilates experience necessary- heck you don’t even need to know what Pilates is.  Just be ready to move and play.

Cost for each class is $16 or we have class cards: 5 for $70, 10 for $130, 20 for $200
Kids and their grownups can share class cards.  These cards can be used for any of our mat classes listed on our schedule. Questions? Just ask!

Parents: While your kids are at class you can run an errand, visit Esselon across the street from the studio, wait at the studio or try your own Pilates class!! We have just added a Pilates Reformer class Fridays at the same time in our upstairs studio.  Never done Pilates before? No problem! This Reformer class is geared towards beginners.

Just like your little ones you’ll be getting stronger and feeling good in your skin!

Regular class prices for reformer classes are $26, 5 for $115 or 10 for $210.
Due to limited space it is required that you sign up for your spot in Reformer class.
You can sign up through our online schedule or by calling the studio 413-586-3504


Tuesdays 12-1pm at The Pilates Studio

Babies that are a few weeks-8 months old are usually the most cooperative but any age is welcome.
Your Pilates instructor will lead you through a mixed level Pilates Mat Class with focus on movements that new moms’ bodies are craving: extension, stretching, and abdominal strengthening.  During class you’ll feel comfortable attending to your baby and trying exercises standing, sitting or laying down -depending on where your little one needs you.  Crying is welcome (for everyone!) and conversation is extremely encouraged.  This is your chance to be with your baby, other moms and your body.

drops in $15/ 6 classes $75/ 10 classes $120/ 25 classes $240/ 30 classes split with a buddy $288
you can use these class cards for BYObaby or any of our mat classes.
We also offer monthly unlimited memberships for $125.  ($89 for brand new clients!).
Come to unlimited mat classes for the whole month.

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Download our free app today!

Download the The Pilates Studio App to plan and schedule your classes and independent sessions. From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, schedule independent sessions, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages.

Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your device. Download this App today!

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Intro Offer

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary we are offering $50 off our Introductory Package for a limited time.

Visit our online store and use the promo code “IntroOffer” when purchasing the Introductory Package to receive the discount.

The Introductory Package….. $180

pilates private session


Recommended for people new to Pilates and our studio. This is a series of 3 private Pilates sessions. The first session will be a thorough assessment which gives the instructor the information necessary to design a program based on the individual needs and goals of the client. During the first session the instructor will also teach some Pilates basics so that the client is ready to begin his/her program during the second and third Pilates session. The introductory package is perfect for people who intend to work on the Pilates Apparatus but can also be geared towards people interested only in mat work.




Terms & Conditions for Intro Offer:

This offer is for new clients only. (Although clients who have only participated in classes can redeem the offer).  The Introductory Package must be purchased by 6/30/16 but can be scheduled at a later time.  Please note: This offer is non-refundable.  Scheduling subject to instructor availability: not all instructors are taking new clients at this time.

Pilates Summer Camp

pilates summer classesGet ready for Pilates Summer Camp 2016! Better than ever!

About 7 years ago we had a client who was an elementary school teacher.  She was dedicated to her Saturday morning Pilates Mat Class but then all of a sudden she started showing up to weekday classes.  When we mentioned how awesome it was to see her so often she said “I gave myself summer camp…you know, like when you’re a kid and you get to do something fun everyday? So I looked at your class schedule and I choose one class each day and I’m doing it!”  The best Pilates Studio’s ideas are typically born during a mat class or during the 10 minutes instructors have between sessions.  We call these our “impromptu business meetings”. (more about that in a future blog post).  Who wouldn’t take an idea like SUMMER CAMP and go with it?  Since Rebecca’s brilliant plan that summer we’ve brought Pilates Summer Camp back almost every year.  A lot of the summer camp classes can be found on our regular weekly schedule but the campers get an even bigger experience! Committing to 1 class a day can be a huge challenge but the rewards are great.  Community is huge at The Pilates Studio (again, a future blog post).

Camp week means more camaraderie.  By the end of the week you’ll have new, great friends.  You’ll also get to try out all different classes The Pilates Studio offers.  Each camp session includes the newest addition to our class schedule: THE OOV! Camp week will also allow mat clients to try out apparatus classes and apparatus clients to try out mat classes.  This year you’ll get to take classes with a variety of the instructors on our team.  (See more details below).  Most of all you are going to feel great: stronger, taller and accomplished after doing Pilates Summer Camp.

We have 2 sessions to choose from in July.  The morning session will run 8-9am and afternoon session 12-1pm.  Each session costs $85 and includes all 5 classes.  If you have a current mat or apparatus class card we’ll just save those and you can use them after camp is over.  Because of scheduling, space and special pricing there are no switch-a-roos or makeups so make sure to check you schedule to be sure you can commit.

Morning Sessions 8-9am  7/18-7/22

Monday: Conditioning with Katrina  Tuesday: Apparatus with Jenni Wednesday: Oov with Suzanne Thursday: Apparatus with Jenni Friday: Conditioning with Kay

Afternoon Sessions 12-1pm  7/18-7/22

Monday: Mat Class with Ivy Tuesday: Apparatus with Kay Wednesday: Mat Class with Suzanne Thursday: Oov with Jenni Friday: Fletcher Fusion with Maureen

Sign up under the “series” tab on our online schedule here

are you brand new to the Pilates apparatus?

sign up for camp week and get an “Intro to Apparatus Class” free.

These special orientation classes will introduce you to some of the Pilates apparatus which can seem a little overwhelming at first.  But trust us, you’ll soon discover how friendly (yet still challenging) the apparatus can be.

We have a variety of “Intro to Apparatus Classes” scheduled the weeks before Summer Camp.  Check out our schedule and sign up for one as “unpaid”.  We’ll waive the fee after you sign up and pay for Camp week.

Questions? ask Laurie

Can’t make it that week but still interested in the Pilates Summer Camp idea? Laurie can help you customize your own camp experience.  Contact her here.


runningAre you a runner….

-that wants to prevent injury?

-that stop running because it was painful?

-that just started running and need some guidance?

-that hasn’t started running yet?

 Conditioning Classes

view our schedule

Condition your feet and hips to prepare your body for the three dimensional motion of pain free running. Experienced runners will learn how to prevent injury and non runners will get in shape to start running safely and efficiently.

These group classes are part of our new Runity Program however anyone can attend.

 Individualized Training

with Kay Cowperthwait or Katrina Hawley.

Start the Runity Program by working with your coach over a period of about 6 weeks.  Start with a full running analysis.  Your coach will use the Runity platform to design a program for you.  Once you create your online dashboard you will have access to your exercises including descriptions, photos and videos. Work on your conditioning exercises for about 2 weeks and meet with your coach again.  As your body and running changes your coach will rework your program.

The Runity Private Session Package is 3 coaching sessions $250

Bundle it with 6 Conditioning classes for $300

Interested in more information? Visit the Runity Website and/or  Contact us.