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You’ve just gotten into your fall routine.  After a hectic summer you’re back to your regular Pilates routine and you feel GREAT! It’s amazing how tall and strong you feel when you do Pilates 3-4x a week.  But now the holidays. They come faster every year.  There’s  4pm darkness, holiday travel, school events, work parties, […]

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Nate Olson Pilates Instructor

Nate Olson NCPTPilates Instructor Book a ClASS Nate Olson credits the Pilates method with reversing the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle and helping him return to healthy movement and physical fitness.  As a Polestar certified Pilates instructor, he takes great satisfaction in guiding others along the same path towards health and wellbeing.Nate calls himself […]

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Kristy Powell Pilates Instructor

Kristy PowellPilates Instructor Book a ClASS Kristy is classically trained and comes to The Pilates Studio with over fifteen years of Pilates-teaching experience.She began her instructor training while in her first year at the College of Charleston after returning from Budapest, Hungary, where she trained with the Hungarian National Ballet.Kristy completed a rigorous two-year classical […]

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New Prices & Payment Policies

Hello and Happy Fall,  We hope that your fall is getting off to a great start! We have some important updates to share with you today, as we continue to make sure you have the best possible Pilates experience. Update on RatesLike all businesses, we periodically need to adjust our prices due to higher costs. Things […]

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Kate’s Pilates Adventure: Day 1

I sprained my ankle for the first time when I was in eighth grade, then twice in tenth grade, another time junior year of high school and finally, after a misguided attempt at being a hurdler in track, spent the last two months of my senior year of high school on crutches with the same […]

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Cathy Lawlor Pilates Instructor

Cathy Lawlor PT, NCPTPilates Instructor Book a ClASS Cathy started at The Pilates Studio as a client to focus on “fitness for my fifties” and became totally enamored by her movement experiences in the studio.  As a result she participated in the Polestar Teacher training to become a Pilates Instructor.Cathy is a physical therapist with […]

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Tristan Diaz Pilates Instructor

Tristan Diaz NCPTPilates Instructor Book a ClASS Tristan started practicing Pilates to address an injured hip and to help with chronic pain it also gave her an incredible sense of well-being.She was so passionate about the positive, healing effects Pilates had on her body and mind that she decided to train as a Pilates instructor […]

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Rider Series

Want to feel more balanced and confident in the saddle? Pilates can help! Come spend some time focusing on your position. Strengthen good habits and explore ways to banish the bad ones- your horse will thank you. 7 Week Mat & Apparatus Series for Riders with Suzanne Mente Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm 1/31/18-3/7/18 with a bonus/makeup class on 3/14/18 Suzanne […]

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