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Each year the valley is given 2 chances to name  it’s favorite businesses.  We JUST received word that we won the Valley Advocate’s Best of Poll for the 5th year in a row and now It’s time for you to cast your vote for the Best Place for Pilates in the Daily Hampshire Gazette’s Readers Choice Poll! Support all your favorite local businesses.

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We were thrilled to win this award in 2014 and 2015.


Pilates and Riding


Pilates 116

Just Imagine the strength riding a horse requires. This is not brute strength that powers through every move. The strength of a rider is found in her precision, control and coordination.

Pilates is an excellent practice for any equestrian whether she is a dressage rider using the subtle movements of her pelvis to guide a horse through the levels or a hunter jumper who has to organize her spine to land all jumps without injury.

Any Equestrian also requires organization in the shoulder girdle that makes handling a horse and cleaning stalls safe for the back and neck. Not to mention the core strength that is required to keep a body safe during a fall from an excited horse.


More than that- The Pilates Studio has the perfect instructors for any equestrian.

Suzanne Mente has been the dressage coach at UMASS for many years and introduced Pilates to the team. Now she is an apparatus and mat instructor at The Pilates Studio and with her expertise on the horse she can design a program for any rider that will improve scores and keep bodies safe.

Pilates and Men

Pilates is excellent for the Fitness, Wellness, and Movement goals of men.That is all there is to say!

Pilates increases flexibility, and flexibility prevents injuries. Pilates increases strength and strength makes activity easier. Pilates is great for cross training so that the activities you love to do continue to be possible without injury. Pilates is Hard and anybody that tries to say differently is wrong!

Now is a good time to mention that Pilates was a boxer and a gymnast. That he developed his method while working in a rehabilitation hospital during World War I.

Whether you are a professional athlete or you simply want to stay ambulatory late into your life, call the Pilates Studio, make an appointment and discover why Pilates is great for men.


Pilates and Golf

Does your back hurt after your golf game? Do you wish you had more rotation in the swing? Do you wish it were easier to lug the clubs around?

“Think of the Golf swing as an efficient machine. Each part of it depends upon the other parts; if one part is functioning incorrectly the other part will be affected. But working together they deliver the same effective results time after time. This is your objective. Build the most efficient machine you can. You’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable the game will be if you do.” Julius Boros – Swing Easy Hit Hard

Now the question is: How am I supposed to know which body part isn’t functioning correctly?

At the Pilates Studio, you can get a postural assessment and movement assessment that focuses on your golf swing. Your instructor will help you find the kinetic chains to find the most power in the swing. Then your instructor will create a workout designed just for you and your specific Golf swing.

Does your back hurt after your golf game? Do you wish you had more rotation in the swing? Do you wish it were easier to lug the clubs around?

Whatever your goals the Pilates Studio can help you achieve and improve your game!

The Pilates Studio is lucky to have instructor Kay Cowperthwait, her extensive history with Golf includes being an assistant coach for the Amherst College women’s golf team. Now as a Pilates instructor at the Pilates Studio she is able to combine both worlds.

Pilates and Dance

While Joseph Pilates was a boxer and a gymnast and began developing his work in the hospital for injured soldiers, when he immigrated to the United States the first people that he started training were the modern dancers of the Martha Graham Company.

It is well known that the stronger the dancer the easier she makes dancing look, and PILATES makes dancers stronger.

Pilates increases flexibility for all of the extensions that are necessary, but more than that Pilates creates stability in the standing leg so that the dancer can extend one leg into the air in perfect balance. Now let’s mention the power necessary to propel dancers through the air. Whether they are being lifted or doing the lifting. The power of the jump or leap requires an understanding of kinetic chains both bodily and intellectually.

A Pilates Practice can make any dancer find the efficiency necessary to improve her art. The power will be there so that the depth of the performance grows and each concert is appears easier.

The Pilates studio has Katrina Hawley has a B.F.A in dance from Temple University and is adjunct faculty at the Hartt School Dance Division. She says there is no better performer than the educated dancer. The dancer that knows her posture and can articulate what her body is doing in each movement. She loves to teach dancers and help them discover with movement and learning what their body already knows.