Looking for a class that's just right for you?  

Use these helpful guidelines to choose the right level:

Level 1:


Take this class when you are:

  • able to coordinate breath with movement.
  • beginning to use appropriate muscle recruitment in exercises.

Level 2:


Take this class when you are:

  • able to adjust pelvis (neutral tuck/impreint/arc) when cued.
  • able to adjust springs for modifications/variations and can get your feet in the straps with minimal effort.

  • able to maintain a stable pelvic position while legs are lifted. 

Level 3:


Take this class when you:

  • have breath capacity and stamina to work at a quicker pace with less need for cueing from the teacher.
  • can stabilize shoulders while using arms.
  • can do exercises with fewer points of contact on carraige. (i.e kneeling vs sitting)
  • can activate muscles on cue find nuanced adjustments in exercises.
  • are able to balance while on an unstable surface while changing postion. 

Mat, Reformer, & Live Stream

Group Class Schedule:

For years I have struggled to fit Pilates into my schedule and therefore it is easy for me to get out of the rhythm. Something that I enjoy doing can become a chore because of this. The best thing that has happened in my Pilates life is online classes!

I have watched the Safe Moves series replays first thing every morning at least five days a week most weeks. I love starting my day with Pilates, something that I never thought could happen.

Caryn H.

I'm loving the ease and convenience of exercising (with someone leading me) in the comforts of my home. Not only am I able to afford to do Pilates classes five days a week, but the scheduled virtual classes have also helped me to create a daily schedule for myself rather than just floating about my day.

Joyce Y

These classes are wonderful! Both Katrina and Laurie are amazing teachers. Their video instructions are easy to follow and fun (even if you have never done Pilates before). I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to keep running, biking or playing tennis injury-free for years to come.

Margot O