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We don't have any class series scheduled at this time.  Please view our class schedule for weekly in person and online classes.

I know my balance has improved since doing Pilates because.... I can stand with confidence on one foot and perform all sorts of tasks with my arms. It's awesome.

Kate R.

I have been coming to the Pilates Studio for over 5 years, when my son started working with Katrina at the age of 8. He had a congenital spinal defect that was being treated by Shriner’s Hospital with a brace, which he could not tolerate. Katrina worked with him to strengthen his core, and now he is an athletic 14 y.o. who uses his Pilates sessions to condition his body in service of his dream to become a professional soccer goalkeeper.
In the meantime, I attended Pilates with him, strenthening my core to allow me to keep my back in good condition for my career as a dentist, which is notoriously hard on the back and neck.
Recently, we have had the pleasure to also work with Nate, who has worked with me to condition me for my new sport of rowing with the Northampton Community Rowing Center. I had a lot of trouble bending down enough to lower myself into the boat, but through carefully chosen exercises, and supervision of good form, I am now able to lower myself into the boat with control
and ease, and enjoying injury-free rowing.
Thanks to Katrina, and Nate, and the Pilates studio, my son and I are both reaching our goals for fitness and having fun!

Sue K.

I'm addicted to all the classes and teachers here. I started Pilates while recovering from a serious back injury. Katrina took the time to get to know my body and my goals, and came up with a routine that was safe and more effective than any PT I'd tried. I improved so quickly, and was able to move on to more challenging things to build and maintain my strength, flexibility, and balance. There are options available for lots of different price points, schedules, and learning personalities (focused solo attention or more social group interactions). I've now had sessions and classes with almost all the instructors, and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone.

Sarah H.
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