Specialty Series Classes | The Pilates Studio, Hadley, MA

Class Series

a limited time series offered only in  March

Classical Mat

A floor work version of the classical Pilates method. 

Central tenants of each class will be centering, precision, flexibility, breath, flow, and a mind-body connection.

Our Spring time Reformer Series is sprouting

Spring Forward

Your balance, core stability, and body mobility will improve with challenging and creative Reformer exercises. In no time, you will be anticipating Spring instead of loathing Winter.

Series starts every 6 weeks

Still Standing

Pilates for balance and fall prevention.

Over this six week series  you will progressively challenge your balance & coordination, as well as strengthen & condition muscles that promote proper gait.

Check back soon for when the next series starts

Pilates for Riders

Over the six week series you'll learn ways to improve posture in the saddle, strengthen legs & abdominals and increase hip mobility.


Beginner Reformer

Your instructor will introduce you to all the parts and pieces of the Reformer and teach you exercises that will leave you completely confident to sign up for any of our regular weekly Reformer and/or Reformer/Tower classes.

My small group lesson is great. Each person has their individual program to work on, and every week our instructor sets a unique challenge for each of us. I find I can now do things I never thought I'd be able to do!


Laurie and Katrina: Great job, ladies! You are both a source of inspiration.

Denise R.

I know Pilates can be a bit pricey but the monetary investment is well worth it. As a 72 year old, I experience osteoarthritis in my knees; sciatica, stenosis and other “getting older” issues. As a result of Pilates I’ve been able to avoid some surgeries, and my quality of life has definitely improved. I would rather spend money investing in my health and my ability to move around than on doctors and drugs. What good is having a bit more money if you are unable to move around to enjoy! PLUS, the instructors are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I am truly grateful.

Ann H.