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March 2020

Tuesdays 2pm with Kristy

$99 |  5 week series

A floor work version of the classical Pilates method. 

The focus is on executing precise movements that originate from the core of your body, activating and engaging the deepest layers of muscles to stabilize and support your spine and pelvis. Central tenants of each class will be centering, precision, flexibility, breath, flow, and a mind-body connection.

Kristy is a great addition to the studio. Though she's a new face here, she's clearly very experienced at practicing and teaching Pilates. She brings a great amount of knowledge and different perspective to her classes and private sessions. She's very friendly, enthusiastic, and supportive. Her classes and private sessions have given me lots of wonderful tips to take into every time I practice, highlighting the specifics of the breath, rhythm, and target area for every exercise. She always manages to fit a lot of movement of all different types into each session, and leave me feeling like I've had a wonderful workout.

Sarah H.

i give thanks every day that The Pilates Studio and all its instructors are such caring , competent and gifted people. They keep me strong and help me get stronger get as I TRY to age with grace!!

Lauren K.

I have been going to The Pilates Studio for several years now and they never disappoint! I have done classes or sessions with every teacher and find them all to be incredibly knowledgeable, nice and helpful. No matter which teacher you see, you will get something out of it that leads towards more strength, confidence and positivity towards your body. Lately I have been working on core work and have found that work to really help my back, my stability, and my posture. I highly recommend TPS!!

Marla L.