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March 2020

Tuesdays 2pm with Kristy

$99 |  5 week series

A floor work version of the classical Pilates method. 

The focus is on executing precise movements that originate from the core of your body, activating and engaging the deepest layers of muscles to stabilize and support your spine and pelvis. Central tenants of each class will be centering, precision, flexibility, breath, flow, and a mind-body connection.

I know Pilates can be a bit pricey but the monetary investment is well worth it. As a 72 year old, I experience osteoarthritis in my knees; sciatica, stenosis and other “getting older” issues. As a result of Pilates I’ve been able to avoid some surgeries, and my quality of life has definitely improved. I would rather spend money investing in my health and my ability to move around than on doctors and drugs. What good is having a bit more money if you are unable to move around to enjoy! PLUS, the instructors are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I am truly grateful.

Ann H.

I started taking pilates in an effort to increase my balance and strength. Working with Kristy has helped with both. On last Friday I was able to complete several balance exercises that would have been difficult prior to practicing pilates. Kristy commented that I was able to perform the most advanced balance exercises she had administered all week.

Cindy M.

All of them are in my box of chocolates! Each person gives their all at every session and encounter, from a warm welcome, to cheering us on, modifying exercises while still empowering, and a hearty goodbye! They all hold a special place in my heart.

Patricia L.