Full Rate Sheet as of 9/1/18

Sessions By Appointment

  • Private, Semi Private, Small Group and Independent Sessions are scheduled by appointment.  
  • All Session are 50 minutes.
  • Sessions must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the late cancel.
  • View our studio policies for more information.
  • All packages are transferable but not refundable.
  • The Introductory Package…..$195 Recommended for people new to Pilates and to our studio. This is a series of 3 private Pilates sessions. The first session includes a thorough assessment, which gives the instructor the information necessary to design a program based on the individual needs and goals of the client.

    Private Pilates Session…..$79 Private Pilates sessions are recommended for beginners, clients with rehabilitative needs, or any clients who prefer to work one on one with an instructor. Our studio encourages a sense of community, so your private session may be scheduled while other instructors are having sessions.  The Pilates Studio has a few separate rooms, so there is room for quieter sessions as well as more social sessions. Package discounts: 5 for $375/ 10 for $730/ 20 for $1440

    Semi Private Pilates Session…..$49 These sessions are for clients with a basic understanding of Pilates, their own program, and the Pilates Apparatus. The studio will pair clients up with another person, or clients can work out with their spouse, friend, or family member. Semi Private Sessions are only available for 2 people. The instructor spends time with each client working on their individual programs during this session. Semi Privates allow clients to begin increasing their independence in each session. Package discounts: 5 for $225/ 10 for $430/ 20 for $840

    Small Group Pilates Session…..$39 These sessions can have up to 6 people at once, depending on the client’s level. All clients are required to have completed the Introductory Package.  Each client must have experience working on the apparatus, and needs to be able to move through their program without the constant attention of the instructor. Small Group sessions are fun, can be social, and are the best way to prepare you for Independent Sessions. Package discounts: 5 for $175/ 10 for $320/ 20 for $600

    Independent Pilates Session…..$25 Clients schedule a time to come to the studio and work out on their own. Independent Sessions require that clients know their program and understand how to set up apparatus safely. There will be an instructor present at the studio to answer questions, but ultimately clients are working on their own. With our new Independent Membership with a flat rate, clients are welcome to schedule as many Independents as they’d like throughout the month. Package discounts: 5 for $110/ 10 for $200/ 20 for $360/ monthly membership $160

    Group Classes

  • All Classes are 50-60 minutes.
  • It is required that you sign up for Apparatus classes ahead of time.
  • Apparatus Class reservations must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the late cancel.
  • View our studio policies for more information.
  • All packages and account payments are transferable but not refundable.
  • Mat Classes…..$18 We recommend but do not require clients to sign up for mat classes.   All of our classes are mixed level and will feel welcoming for beginners and challenging for regulars.  If you choose to buy a class card or membership you can use it for any of our Mat Classes.  Class cards expire in 1 year.  Memberships expire after 1 month. 5 for $80 / 10 for $140 / 20 for $240.  1 month unlimited $135

    Apparatus Classes…..$29 Apparatus Classes utilize the Pilates Apparatus- including the Reformer, Chair, Trap Table Springboard and Oov. These classes are 50-60 minutes in length and have limited space so pre-registration is necessary and please cancel your apparatus class more than 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. Package discounts: 5 for $130/ 10 for $240/ 20 for $440

    Special Packages

    Reformer Party.....$130 Celebrate your birthday or other special event with your Pals in a private Reformer class.  You book the Reformer classroom and teacher of your choice.  Feel free to bring decorations, refreshments, etc.  Please contact Laurie or Nicole at ThePilatesStudioinHadley.com to book your party.  Reformer Parties are $130 for up to 5 people.  $26/per additional person up to a total of 8 people.  

    Class Combo Package.....$190 5 Mat Classes & 5 Apparatus Classes 

    Mat Class Introductory Package.....$59 unlimited mat classes for 2 weeks.  Brand New Clients Only.

    Apparatus Class Introductory Package.....$99 unlimited apparatus classes for 2 weeks. Brand New Clients Only.

    Class Series

    • Visit our Class Series page for all of our current and upcoming Series.
    • Class Series have a start and end date. 
    • All classes are 50-90 minutes (view specific series details).
    • The fee for a class series includes classes in the series only.
    • 6 week Series have a makeup class built in in case you miss a class during the series.  Perfect attendance?  You can attend the make up as a bonus class for an extra cost.  
    • View our studio policies for more information. 
    • Class Series payments are not refundable or transferable.  You are allowed to gift your spot to someone else.  

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