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Classes you'll

On average, our clients increased the frequency of their Pilates practice from once a week to three or more times per week. 

Clients report:

  • more strength
  • better posture
  • less pain

When you take a Live Stream class you'll be watching an instructor demonstrate and cue you through class.  Your camera and mic will be off.  

  • Variety: Classes with and without pops. 20 min and 50 minute classes 
  • Angles: Behind the scenes of every class is a training producer controlling our 5 cameras to give you the best view of every exercise.
  • Modifications: Instructors will offer common modifications for exercises.  If you're ever left wondering what modifications you need, we offer Fitness Screenings that will uncover any movement patterns preventing you from getting as much as possible from your workouts. 

Classes include:

  • Hips & Hamstrings
  • Classical Prep
  • Barre
  • Oov
  • and more!

Before the pandemic, I never tried a mat class because I loved using the machines. Although I miss the machines, I'm now a convert to mat classes, which makes me forget about the pandemic. I love all of the classes, but especially the ones that focus on spine mobility and arm strength.

Holly F.



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Ratings & Reviews

Wow, these 9 weeks flew by! I had a blast and it was a great time of year to do this- getting through the winter months. It introduced me to more reformer classes which is what I am doing more of..a total switch from just mat classes since my membership began in 2015

Jennifer U.

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