10 Safe Moves Classes

For Happy, Healthy Joints

On average, our clients increased the frequency of their Pilates practice from once a week to three or more times per week when they began taking our classes online.

Clients report:

  • more strength
  • better posture
  • less pain

When you take a Live Stream class you'll be watching an instructor demonstrate and cue you through class.  Your camera and mic will be off.  

  • Move Pain-free: 20 minute classes that train the different parts of your body to work together, to achieve pain-free movement with the least amount of effort.
  • Pilates Classes you can do safely at home: No need to wear a mask, or socially distance.  Your class is you, and you only.  Unless your pet wants to join in.
  • Walk faster, hike longer, garden more: You'll find that all your activities - big and small - will improve when you make the commitment to do Safe Moves.

Classes include:

  • Head, Neck & Shoulders
  • Easeful Posture
  • Happy Knees
  • Mobile Spine
  • Healthy Hips
  • Stabile Spine

Safe Moves has been a crucial part of my recovery from chronic back issues. Having had two surgeries in the past, I was bound and determined to never have another. The Pilates Studio has helped me meet that goal with safe and effective exercises that gave my back the stability that had been missing for so long. Highly recommended!

Gina B.



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If you are looking for a welcoming place where it will be a joy to work out and get in shape, you've found it at The Pilates Studio! The teachers are so knowledgable, friendly and encouraging. I've been going for a year and plan to keep going for many more!

Sue H.

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