New Class Series for 2020 - The Pilates Studio


Next Series Series Starts: January 9, 2020

Still Standing

Pilates for balance and fall prevention.

Over this six week series  you will progressively challenge your balance & coordination, as well as strengthen & condition muscles that promote proper gait.

Our Winter Series start January 8th and February 26th

Pilates for Riders

Over the six week series you'll learn ways to improve posture in the saddle, strengthen legs & abdominals and increase hip mobility.

2 Series starting in January

Beginner Reformer

Your instructor will introduce you to all the parts and pieces of the Reformer and teach you exercises that will leave you completely confident to sign up for any of our regular weekly Reformer and/or Reformer/Tower classes.

Our 4 week series starts 1/4/2020

Konnector Reformer

Bring your Reformer workout to the next level. 
The Konnector utilizes a 1 rope pulley system that facilitates full-body integration and stronger core activation in dynamic new ways.

I have been going to The Pilates Studio for several years now and they never disappoint! I have done classes or sessions with every teacher and find them all to be incredibly knowledgeable, nice and helpful. No matter which teacher you see, you will get something out of it that leads towards more strength, confidence and positivity towards your body. Lately I have been working on core work and have found that work to really help my back, my stability, and my posture. I highly recommend TPS!!

Marla L.

The folks at the Pilates Studio are skilled, caring, and passionate about what they do. We're lucky to have them in our community!

Katherine G.

All of them are in my box of chocolates! Each person gives their all at every session and encounter, from a warm welcome, to cheering us on, modifying exercises while still empowering, and a hearty goodbye! They all hold a special place in my heart.

Patricia L.