pilates and riding series - The Pilates Studio

Pilates for Riders

  • Improve your balance & posture in the saddle
  • Strengthen abs to support your ride
  • Increase hip mobility


Strengthen good habits & explore ways to banish the bad ones- your horse will thank you.

Suzanne has created exercises based on both her riding and pilates instruction.  The oov challenges balance & coordination- the closest thing to having an actual horse in the studio!  The straps & springs of the reformer and tower recreate stirrup & rein connection. Explore your position- think differently about how you sit and balance in the saddle.

Wednesdays at 6:15pm with Suzanne Mente

Check back soon for Spring Dates

Class Details

  • No experience with Pilates needed to participate.
  • Class is limited to 8 clients.
  • This class meets at The Pilates Studio for six classes.The 7th week is our Make up class in case you miss one during the series.  Perfect attendance? Use the 7th week as a bonus class. You can buy a single class, or use your apparatus class package.
  • There are no refunds or extensions on this series. Please make sure you can participate before signing up.

Suzanne Mente

Suzanne's direct approach to teaching and keen observation skills moves her clients towards their goals fast. She is particularly interested in hip mobility and in helping horse riders improve their balance, strength and flexibility in order to better connect with their horses.


I'd like to thank Suzanne for working with me over the last few years. She's a wonderful instructor and her classes are always enjoyable. Her expertise, caring and humor make each class a great experience!

Anne Z.

Suzanne is a fantastic teacher! Her classes are always challenging and different. She loves to try new things, is kind when correcting our posture, and she always keeps us entertained.

My body is always happy after working with her.

Faye O.

I'd give 6 stars if I could. I've worked with Jenny, Kathy, and Suzanne to rehabilitate after a painful back injury. I couldn't do conventional mat exercises, so they developed a personalized set of exercises I could do on the reformers. Within a month, the pain had largely disappeared. Pilates helped me heal and gain strength; now I'm working on flexibility. I've continued because The Pilates Studio staff is so knowledgeable, professional, and supportive.

Melba J