Runity - The Pilates Studio


You don’t run to get in shape, you get in shape to run


Runity has come to the Valley.

The skills of Runity coaches Kay Cowperthwait and Katrina Hawley
can give you access to speed, efficiency, and safety in your running technique.

Runity uses video analysis and movement screenings to gather the best information to design and provide a conditioning and running strategy.  The program will complement your needs whether they be improved running technique, injury prevention or rehabilitation.

  • Have you ever considered yourself to be a perpetual new runner?
  • Do you think you should run, but it always hurts… So then you stop.
  • Do you think you are “too old” to run?
  • Has running caused an injury?
  • Has your running performance plateaued?

A yes to any of these questions makes you a great candidate for Runity.

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