Spring Forward - The Pilates Studio

Has the Winter darkness and cold made you sluggish and blah?

Yup. Same here.  

Winter can’t end soon enough....

We can’t speed up time, but we can:


Our Latest Reformer Class:

Wednesdays 6:15pm with Suzanne

series runs 2/26/20 - 4/1/20

 makeup class on 4/8/20

Get ready for all of your springtime outdoor activities:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Riding
  • Gardening

Join a fun group for a creative evening workout and interesting challenges.

You’ll start on February 26th, and each week your balance, core stability, and body mobility will improve with challenging and creative Reformer exercises. In no time, you will be anticipating Spring instead of loathing Winter.

And the best part? Week after week, as you leave class feeling fantastic, you’ll notice it’s lighter out than it was the week before.

I've been coming to the Pilates Studio for several years. Initially I did mostly mat classes, but more recently I've been participating in small groups, or in Pilates for Riders, or doing independent sessions. I feel that my posture has improved about 200%: standing up straight and not slumping have become the norm for me. I also feel like my sense of balance and my overall fitness--particularly core strength--are way better. Everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They listen to what you want to work on, to what physical issues or limitations you might have, etc., and work with you, pushing you enough to help you improve but not so much that you risk injury or making issues worse.

If I had more than two thumbs I'd put them all up; but I'll settle for giving them five stars!

Sean R.

I mostly attend the Mat classes and each class is different. Not only because there is around half a dozen instructor who teach Pilates on mat on a regular basis, but even the same teacher will regularly mix it up a little; hand weights, fitness balls, the Oov (I hope I'm spelling the name of that thing right, ;-), resistance bands, small squishy balls, the "magic circle" etc. Not a one class is the same, which I love! And every single of their teachers are not only certified in Pilates and very knowledgeable in anatomy & general fitness, they're also friendly and funny. I never had a bad class at this Pilates studio in my 8+ years of patronizing it, and I always feel batter afterwards!

Peter H.

I recently took a reformer class with Nancy. She was fantastic at explaining exactly what to do, and providing help and encouragement. Importantly, she made us laugh during the class. I would definitely take her class again. The next day I could feel the work that I did in her class, and overall I felt looser in my hips. If you have any question about taking her class...don't! She's wonderful!

Marla L.