Spring Forward - The Pilates Studio

Has the Winter darkness and cold made you sluggish and blah?

Yup. Same here.  

Winter can’t end soon enough....

We can’t speed up time, but we can:


Our Latest Reformer Class:

Wednesdays 6:15pm with Suzanne

series runs 2/26/20 - 4/1/20

 makeup class on 4/8/20

Get ready for all of your springtime outdoor activities:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Riding
  • Gardening

Join a fun group for a creative evening workout and interesting challenges.

You’ll start on February 26th, and each week your balance, core stability, and body mobility will improve with challenging and creative Reformer exercises. In no time, you will be anticipating Spring instead of loathing Winter.

And the best part? Week after week, as you leave class feeling fantastic, you’ll notice it’s lighter out than it was the week before.

I am an older client who comes to the Pilates Studio in Hadley to work with an individual trainer twice a week. Generally I do not really feel like going to exercise what with past injuries and arthritis. However, after the first step inside this uniquely friendly Pilates studio I find the warmth and and good cheer of all the trainers, along with the upbeat laughter throughout the studio, begins to make me feel better immediately. By the end of each session I am always so glad I made myself come because I my body feels more capable and I feel thoroughly cheered up. The program my trainer guides me through is tailored to my individual needs and the philosophy of the whole studio is to meet the clients where they are and build from there, no matter what their capabilities. And that includes challenging the already super fit as well as the disabled. I have made more gains in my personal fitness and general feeling of well-being following the Pilates program than any other fitness program I have enrolled in. I enthusiastically encourage anyone to come and learn on their own how the Pilates Studio of Hadley program can enhance their life.

Katie G.

I took the Beginner Reformer series with Katrina and it is 5 Stars! The class was full - 8 beginners - but she did not have a slightest problem running around and paying attention to every one of us. A super neat thing about these series is that if you miss a class then there is make up/bonus class, which, if you signed up for the series you can also purchase as a bonus for a discount. That came handy to me given that I could not attend one Tuesday - but I loved this series so much that I would buy the 7nd class anyway 🙂 Katrina is very knowledgeable and experienced in all things Pilates, and I'll definitely try to take another series at this Studio - and they usually fill up fast so if you are thinking about some of the series then don't overthink it, they're a great idea and you will love it!

Peter H.

I really didn't know what to expect when I met with Katrina last year for her to evaluate my legs and hips after both of my hips had been replaced two years ago. She knew exactly what exercises I needed to rebuild my strength and balance. The pilate exercise equipment has given my back support so that I have been pain free during all of the training. In the small group I attend, there is a mixture of ages and abilities, and each of us works on our own set of exercises under Katrina's direction. She couldn't be kinder. Even though there are pilates studies closer to me in Westfield, it is worth it to drive to Hadley for the excellent training I experience there.

Marilyn S.