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Pilates for balance & fall prevention

This class series  will leave you feeling confident on your feet and keep you enjoying the activities you love



Pilates for Balance & Fall Prevention

This class series  will leave you feeling confident on your feet and keep you enjoying the activities you love

Isn't it troubling when you can't trust your step?

Do you avoid curbs, stairs and walking on uneven ground?

You might have vertigo, ankle instability, or even anxiety. 

Do you think that getting down to the ground to play with your grandkids, or dig in your garden are things off the past?  

You’re not the only one and

You don’t have to give up these (or any of your other!) activities. 

Our Still Standing series will give you more confidence and stability.  

You’ll be back enjoying the activities you love in no time.

Thursdays 10am with Cathy Lawlor

Our next class series starts 1/9/20.  Space is limited to 8 people.

Class Details

  • No experience with Pilates needed to participate.
  • Class is limited to 8 clients.
  • This class meets at The Pilates Studio for six classes.The 7th week is our Make up class in case you miss one during the series.  Perfect attendance? Use the 7th week as a bonus class. You can buy a single class, or use your apparatus class package.
  • There are no refunds or extensions on this series. Please make sure you can participate before signing up.
  • It is possible that some weeks will have a substitute instructor.  

Cathy Lawlor

Cathy looks at her clients with an eye for rehab – whether to improve postural alignment, strength and flexibility, or body awareness, to relieve pain, or to prevent future injury.  She always wants her clients to walk out the door feeling more aware of their whole body – and just better in general! She loves photography and kayaking.


My improved balance is noticed most when doing my daily 2 mile hike in the woods each day. I was stumbling and falling way to much to totally enjoy myself out there plus I’d never look up because I knew I’d probably stumble again. What I noticed is that I’m looking up as I walk and don’t stumble! If I do catch a root and trip, I immediately am able to catch my balance before I hit the ground... but it just doesn’t happen anymore.... I love Pilates! It has improved my quality of life.

Lee O.

Hello Pilates Studio, Pilates has improved my balance tremendously. My increased ankle strength keeps me from twisting and falling (which I tend to do). It also impacts my flexibility in the garden - stretching, leaning, stooping, crouching and lifting. That carries over to every day movement in and around my house - cleaning, vacuuming, stair climbing and descending. Better balance prepares me to encounter the physical demands of every day living.

Karen S.

5 Stars for Cathy!! My daughter and I did introductory semi-private lessons with Cathy. We both have different issues and she has been very attentive and helpful to us both. After the Christmas holidays are over, we will discuss where to go next-continue with semi-private lessons or enroll in some classes.Cathy is knowledgeable, skillful, patient, and personable. I'm hoping to continue with her!

Kristine W.