three privates intro - The Pilates Studio



  • Work one on one with an expert Instructor
  • A custom workout geared towards your goals
  • Opportunity to use all the Pilates apparatus

All designed to give you the workout you need get results and fall in love with working out again.

BEGINNER Reformer Class

  • An intimate environment with 7 other people
  • State of the art pilates equipment
  • One expert instructor

All designed to give you the workout you need get results and fall in love with working out again.

Private Sessions are perfect if you have a specific goal, injury or limitation. Your Pilates program will be individually customized  to meet these needs. Working one on one with an instructor will allow you to progress at your own pace.

What comes next?

After this Intro Package you can continue with Privates, transition into  Small Groups or Independent Sessions, sign up for any Apparatus Class or drop into Mat Classes.

Kay introduced me to pilates and the Pilates Studio about seven years ago. It changed my whole body, my posture, made me much stronger, more agile and balanced, and taught me all kinds of tricks for managing back pain and working out the kinks from hours spent in front of a computer screen. Each class feels like putting myself back together again and it is a glorious feeling. Maybe it is the endorphins, the fabulous teachers, or the friends I've made there, but that feeling keeps me coming back. As the years go by and my body changes, I am still learning, feeling glorious and grateful, after every class at Pilates Studio.

Barbara C.

After a back injury I started Pilates as a way to continue to heal when PT had ended. Cathy made me a Pilates convert. I still rely on her a year and a half later. She proved to be someone I could always trust to know what I could do--or shouldn't do. My sessions, from the start, have been enormously helpful and (to my surprise) enjoyable!

Heidi H.

I have become so strong over the past two years! Confidence, strength, power and self image! I love the Pilates studio! Lot less expensive than my PT!

Patricia D.

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