The Pilates Studio

Katrina and Laurie began working at The Pilates Studio in 2001. At this time it was known as Momentum the Pilates Center. Katrina had just moved from New York where she completed the certification program at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies and upon her arrival began training to teach Pilates. Laurie Johnson was studying to be a Yoga Instructor and initially began her work at Momentum the Pilates Center as an office assistant.

In 2005, Momentum the Pilates Center was purchased and the name was changed to The Pilates Center of Western Massachusetts. By this time Laurie earned her certification from the Stillpoint School of Massage Therapy as well as her Pilates Mat and Apparatus teacher certifications. Katrina continued her education by completing the Polestar Pilates rehabilitation program.

Fast forward to 2011…Katrina and Laurie purchase the Hadley location of The Pilates Center of Western Massachusetts and change its name to The Pilates Studio. Now their collaborative process continues not just as co-workers but business partners and the community created at The Pilates Studio continues to grow and prosper as a place where people come to exercise, make friends, and have fun.


Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

My return to Pilates after a 10 year absence, was exactly as I hoped it would be. Pilates reached out to me, with Cathy as the guide, and reminded me how important it can again be in my life and wellbeing. Everything about the experience, from making the appointment with Julie, to having my first session with Cathy, affirmed my new beginning at The Pilates Studio.

Micki P.

I have become so strong over the past two years! Confidence, strength, power and self image! I love the Pilates studio! Lot less expensive than my PT!

Patricia D.

I thought Pilates was some kind of torture exercise until a friend encouraged me to watch her class. Surprisingly the apparatus wasn't torturous, the exercises made sense and made me want to explore this type of exercise.  
Finding The Pilates Studio in Hadley has been just what I needed. I'm fortunate to have Maureen as my introduction instructor and have followed her from small class instruction into the Bone Density Building class.
Maureen is Wicked AWESOME! She explains everything we're doing and why. She's always developing new exercises which keeps us interested and engaged as well as working all parts of our body. Maureen's calming influence and her wonderful "Ahh's", "That's it" and "Good job" are so warm and inspiring.
I have gained strength, am healing my shoulder and feel really good attending Pilates classes. The Pilates Studio is such a warm and inviting place as well.
Thanks, Maureen and staff!

Barbara C.B