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All items can be purchased online and picked up at the studio.  

New 2020 Products



Double Loops

Buy and use your own pair of Soft Touch Double Loops.  Bring them to class, easily swap out the studio loops and take them with you when you go.  

Laurie & Katrina give it 5 Stars

Sports Mask

These Antibacterial Sports Masks are made to the highest non-medical standards and feature convenient adjustable ear-loops, perfect to customize the fit to any size face. These Sports Masks are designed to protect from harmful particles. One size fits all with adjustable straps. This lightweight and breathable mask is highly durable, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic.  

Colors and Styles vary.

Studio Sticky Socks

They sure come in handy for Pilates (Yoga too!). They provide that extra "gripige" that can make or break some of the more challenging Pilates exercises. Standing on a moving Reformer won't feel as intimidating. Front Splits? No Problem!

And never mind Pilates- are the floors in your house a bit slick? Use these soft and thick sticky socks to prevent accidents.

Props For Pilates At Home

Latex Free Available

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5ft Resistance Band

This classic resistance band can be used to both modify and challenge so many mat exercises.  The band lets you add light strength training to your exercise routine anywhere, anytime. The best part? It takes up almost no space! Much like weightlifting, resistance bands allow you a full range of motion while providing tension. 

A pilates classic!

Pilates Circle

Based on Joseph Pilates’ Magic Circle, the Ultra-Fit Circle®, Pilates Ring provides total-body conditioning. It provides muscular feedback and moderate resistance during a Pilates exercise. Suitable for any part of the body, such as the abdominals, thighs, legs, arms, obliques.  We guarantee this is the best resistance circle out there.  Some joke it was the original thigh-master but oh, it does so much more. The list of exercises you can use the circle for is endless.  

Hand Strengthener

This small piece of equipment delivers big benefits.  Strengthen your hands and wrists for any weight-bearing exercises.  Also, improve dexterity for every day, or specialized task- like playing instruments.  

Spikey Ball

This funny looking ball works on the myo-fascial system.  Using it can reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, increase body awareness and aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Spiky Balls can reduce pain levels and improve range of motion through specific muscles and subsequently improve joint motion. Overall, using one on your feet feels just so dang good. 

Squishy Ball

Squishy Balls (also know as Slomo Balls, Cando Balls) are soft 9in balls used in Pilates classes.  They are easy to inflate and deflate so you get the exact squishy-ness you need.  You'll recognize these because of their slightly sticky surface. Use them for:

  • Modifications
  • To Challenge Balance
  • Tactile Feedback
Yoga Blocks

Having one or two of these blocks around is helpful.  You can sit, stand, support and bring the floor closer to your for those difficult stretches.