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For scheduling Semi-Private, Small Groups, Strength Training Sessions, or if you require assistance with booking anything,  get in touch with us via email or phone at the studio.

  1. Select Session type.
  2. Choose an instructor or browse through all instructors. Please note that if you're booking an independent session, use the search for all instructors option.
  3. Choose a date and click "search".
  4. Mindbody will display availability starting from your chosen date and spanning the entire week.
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  6. A Mindbody Pop Up will appear, guiding you through the remaining steps to book your session.

Looking For Classes?

Reformer, Chair, Mat and other Group Classes can be booked through our class schedule:

Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

I have been going to The Pilates Studio in Hadley for about 2 years now.  This place is phenomenal! I try to do Pilates 5 to 6 times per week and this place offers many options and classes to keep it fresh and to challenge me as my skills improve. I have learned so much about Pilates and myself since finding this very special studio.

Jim H.

Someone just asked me "what keeps you coming to Pilates?"  Honestly?  RESULTS!  No matter what kind of week I've had or how bad my body feels before I come to Pilates, I leave feeling stronger, pain-free and balanced.  As I walk out, I literally feel GREAT and believe me, that causes a ripple effect in the Universe :)  Just ask my coworkers or the guys at Dunkin' Donuts that hand me my iced coffee through the drive thru and say:  "Pilates this morning?"  What I have found helpful to motivate me to come back is to book my classes through the phone app one week in advance.  If you struggle with self-care guilt, as I sometimes do, just enter it into your calendar as "Meeting with Laurie" or "Weekly meeting with Kay."  Only you will know but the Universe will thank you.                                                                                                       

Susan D.

I had an excellent experience and plan to return for another class. The instructor gave an introduction and cues that were easy to understand. She was also able to add corrections when needed. Loved the small class size as well.

Nancy L.