Session Scheduler - The Pilates Studio

If you'd like to purchase a 5 or 10 session package please visit our pricing page prior to booking.

Private Sessions

1 Client. 1 Instructor.

Private sessions are recommended for beginners, clients with strong rehabilitative needs and clients who prefer to work one on one with an instructor. 

Semi-Private Sessions

2 Clients. 1 Instructor.

At this time we are only booking Semi Privates for folks who do not have to social distance from each other.

These sessions are for clients with a basic understanding of Pilates, their own program and the Pilates Apparatus.   Semi Private Sessions are closed to 2 clients.  

Please note: Clients who book Semi-Privates agree to changing to a Private at last minute if their partner cancels.  

Small Group Sessions

4 Clients. 1 Instructor.

Small Groups are for clients with an intermediate understanding of Pilates, their own program and the Pilates Apparatus.  

The instructor spends time with each client working on their individual programs during this session.

Small Groups allow clients to begin increasing their independence in each session.

Each client needs to be able to move through their program with some familiarity and know-how. Small Group Sessions are social and fun and are the best way to prepare you for Independent Sessions and Group Classes.

Independent Sessions

Self guided workout

Clients schedule a time to come to the studio and workout on their own.

Independent Sessions require that clients know their program and understand how to set up apparatus safely.