Private Sessions

Life's journey can leave its mark, and at times, that might mean feeling the weight of age and physical challenges.

If you're grappling with discomfort, injury, or the frustrating limitations that keep you from relishing the activities you love, our introductory package is tailored just for you.

Our skilled instructors, equipped with years of experience, will guide you with precision, understanding, and care. They'll collaborate closely with you, unraveling your unique needs, and crafting a plan that paves the way to your desired wellness.

Dive into Pilates, a great way to discover your body's hidden potential.

Our approach is gentle yet invigorating, designed to meet you where you are on your fitness journey.

3 Private Sessions...$240

New to The Pilates Studio? Take advantage of this Introductory Offer.

Private Sessions are perfect for our clients with a specific goal, injury or limitation. These sessions will allow you to achieve your goals at your own pace. Our new first-floor space now makes Pilates more accessible.  


Check It Out:

  • Personalized Guidance & Beginner Friendly
  • Accessible Studio Location
  • Goal-Oriented & Personalized Pace
I had an excellent experience and plan to return for another class. The instructor gave an introduction and cues that were easy to understand. She was also able to add corrections when needed. Loved the small class size as well.

Nancy L.

I'm addicted to all the classes and teachers here. I started Pilates while recovering from a serious back injury. Katrina took the time to get to know my body and my goals, and came up with a routine that was safe and more effective than any PT I'd tried. I improved so quickly, and was able to move on to more challenging things to build and maintain my strength, flexibility, and balance. There are options available for lots of different price points, schedules, and learning personalities (focused solo attention or more social group interactions). I've now had sessions and classes with almost all the instructors, and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone.

Sarah H.


Pilates exercises focus on engaging core muscles, which leads to increased  strength, stability, and improved posture.


Pilates exercises enhance flexibility, promoting better range of motion in joints and also reducing the risk of injuries.

Improved Balance

Pilates exercises challenge balance & coordination, helping to enhance proprioception and stability, which are crucial for daily activities.

Enhanced Posture

Pilates exercises promote proper alignment and awareness, leading to improved posture and reduced strain on the spine and muscles.

Pilates offers a multitude of benefits for both the body and mind.

The low-impact nature of Pilates makes it accessible to a wide range of individuals, contributing to better balance and coordination while reducing the risk of joint injuries.

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Not The Intro Offer For You?

Choose A Different One:

4 Mat Classes

Imagine what it would be like to look forward to exercising. Mat classes are a perfect balance of focused exercise that will leave you feeling like you’ve had a workout, a massage and a power nap at the same time.

4 Reformer Classes

Classes are low impact and suitable for any age or fitness level. It's a unique and versatile workout that takes your body out of its comfort zone which is where you will start to see change happen.

Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

Instructor was spot on, every moment felt expertly conducted and super valuable. My very first session, and over the following 12 hours I feel like a new person -- not to be dramatic, but I can feel the difference throughout my frame, more opened up, looser, better posture . . . more like the way my body felt 30 or 40 years ago.

John David M.

You guys are great! I trust Katrina completely to help me!❤️💕

Janice K.

I have been going to The Pilates Studio for several years now and can only say great things.  I wish I was more consistent with going, but when I do return I find that the mat and reformer classes all help with my low back and hip tightness.  I especially love the atmosphere - I find that those sneaky instructors make my core work double just by making me laugh in nearly every class! The instructors are super knowledgable, and every class seems to have something new or different to keep it interesting.  I recommend TPS to nearly every person I talk to who wants a good, balanced workout with fun and creativity. 5 Stars!!

Marla L.