104 Russell Street (Rt 9) Hadley, MA  |  413-586-3504

Your First Session:

Come in! Feel free to arrive a few minutes early for your first class or session. We’ll have a short Release and Registration form for you to fill out and we’ll get you acquainted with the studio.

Refund Policy:

We cannot refund transactions but we certainly welcome transferring sessions or classes on your account to other types of sessions and/or classes or to other people! We’ll even take what is left on your account and make a gift certificate so you can gift it to a friend.

Cancellation Policy:

We kindly request that you cancel your appointment, or your spot in an Apparatus Class more than 24 hours in advance.  Late cancels and no-shows will be charged the full session or class rate. In cases of contagious illness though, we prefer for you to rest and our instructors will make an exception to this policy. We also waive this policy when the weather is severe.  You can cancel your appointments by logging in to your account.

Package Expirations:

In order to offer package discounts, we must adhere to the expiration dates.  All packages of sessions and classes expire as noted. If we don’t see you for a while, we’ll send you a “we miss you” email (as long as your account is subscribed to email notifications). You can either come back or you can gift your leftover sessions and/or classes to a friend. All memberships will expire as noted.

Paying and Payment Policies:

Payment for sessions and classes is expected the day you come or before.  We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. You can also pay online prior to coming.  Unpaid sessions that are more than 2 weeks overdue can no longer be moved applied to a package for package discounts. Outstanding balances are subject to a 20% fee when 90 days overdue.

Cell Phones:

Most of our clients are parents, or in the middle of their workday. We understand that sometimes you need to be reached so feel free to leave your cell phone on. If you want to answer it during class you can step out of the studio, or take it into our waiting area.


If classes are cancelled due to bad weather, we will update our online class schedule as soon as possible.  We will also send a push notification out through our app. Sessions are cancelled on an individual basis between client and instructor.


Dress comfortably. Typically T-shirts, tank tops, sweat or yoga pants are best. We try to keep the studio at a comfortable temperature for everyone but feel free to bring layers. Most people do their Pilates without shoes, but we’re fine with whatever you are comfortable with. You can do Pilates with or without socks. Please refrain from wearing fragrances.

Make Yourself at Home:

There is no need to bring anything extra with you but we welcome drinking tea and coffee during your class or session.We have a cozy little room we call “The Chat Room”.  After your class or session please socialize and hangout with other clients in there so the next session or class can get started without interruption. Feel free to use our Chat Room to get some work done before heading on your way. There is wi-fi.The Chat Room has a fridge, in case you need to do your grocery shopping before class and need to keep things cold.  The Chat Room is also a gathering place for kiddos on those days when there is no school.

Your young ones:

Not only are we family friendly but family supportive! If it works for you- bring your kiddos.  Older ones can hang out in our Chat Room. Younger ones can stay right beside you. If your child is sick we would be happy to reschedule your session to keep the spread of germs to a minimum.