Upcoming Continuing Ed and Teacher Trainings:

Oov Fundamentals

Educator: Katrina Hawley  |  Katrina@PilatesBusinessPros.com

  • Oct. 7th & 8th, 9am-6pm EST
  • Online OR In person

Explore how using a device like the Oov can facilitate overall improvement in Functional Movement. This course will also take traditional Pilates exercises and apply them to the Oov.

Neuroplasticity : An Exploration Through Movement

Educator: Angela Crowley  

  • Oct. 21st & 28th, 10am-7pm EST
  • Online
  • Earn CEC credits

Discover how to utilize movement to mobilize the plasticity of the brain.

You will also learn to expedite results in treatment by using movement to access and shift the nervous system. You'll experience an exciting blending of current science of neuroplasticity as it can be applied with the Feldenkrais Method®.

STARTS January 2024

Comprehensive Pilates in Hadley, MA

Educator: Katrina Hawley  |  KatrinaHawley@yahoo.com

Our annual Pilates instructor training is interactive, providing you with tools for critical thinking to become a Pilates instructor creating full fitness assessments and design goal-oriented programs.

Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

Libby is fun, thorough, terrific instructions as to clarity of movement and exercise. She tailors the time to what I need given the status of my skeleton and movement as I am right now. I feel the difference both during and after the sessions and value what I take away to integrate into my movement and other exercise routines.

Patricia W.

The Pilates Studio rocks!

Amy O.

The Pilates Studio in Hadley is by far the best studio in Western Mass for Pilates. The instructors are top notch and there are a wide variety of classes to choose from.

Susan H.