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My core strength and balance has improved immensely since I started PIlates two years ago.

I can stand on one leg at at time and balance myself with confidence. Yeah! Could not have done that two years ago.

Having taken up golf again and I noticed I have more stability in my swing and power.

Too bad I didn’t know about lowering my shoulders years ago. That would have saved me from a lot of pain across my neck and shoulders over the years.

Such a little thing but what a difference.

THANKS to THE Pilates Studio I have more energy and more awareness about my body.

Barb C.

Of the many benefits to being a regular at The Pilates Studio, the most surprising is that after a couple of years, my spine unfurled to the point that my height now measures an inch taller in my fifties! Polestar Pilates is the best method I have found for getting rid of aches and pains and feeling strong and balanced. All of the instructors here are very gifted and helpful.

Holly F.

Nancy’s Barre Class is a blast! She is a great instructor who is highly skilled and has helped me get fit. I highly recommend this class!

Jim H.