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Get Group Classes

Limited to 8 clients.


Our Apparatus Classes utilize our Allegro 2 Reformers which feature the infinity footbar allowing for more dynamic workouts. The Reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  

New to Pilates? We highly recommend taking at least 1 Private Session before signing up for Apparatus Classes.  Sign ups are required.

2-18 clients.

Pilates Mat Classes

Mat Classes provide a well-rounded workout that include core strengthening, arm & leg work, stretching, balance, & coordination that will leave both beginner and more advanced clients feeling confident and challenged. These classes are a great way to try Pilates if you don’t have any injuries or physical concerns.

New to The Pilates Studio? It is required that you sign up for Mat Classes ahead of time.  Once you have an active pass or membership it is recommended but not required.

New to Pilates ? If you are injury free and able to get up and down from the floor you can start with any of our mixed level classes.  

Class Series

These are closed group classes that run for a planned number of weeks.  Class Series are varied and utilize a variety of the Pilates Apparatus.  Some of our series come with a free built in makeup class in case you miss a class. Perfect attendance? You can also take this extra week as a bonus class with your apparatus class package. Sign ups are required

New to Pilates? Some Series are perfect for beginners. Read individual descriptions for more details.  

I know my balance has improved since doing Pilates because....I can put on my underweat better! I can stand on one foot without wavering.

Judy D.

My weekly Reformer class work has inspired me to devote an hour daily to core and balance exercises. The results are obvious!

Nancy L.

My balance improved dramatically

by taking classes and working

individually with instructors at

Pilates Studio. My ankles, in

particular are stronger and with

small, simple movements, Katrina

taught me to bend my ankles

without straining them. After several

bad sprains and always feeling

vulnerable to another, me and

my ankles have forgotten that

feeling and move without worry.

Early on, I was surprised to realize

how difficult it was for me to do simple

balance exercises like standing on

one foot and closing my eyes.

Pilates made me stronger by showing

me my physical weaknesses in

a way that did not stress me out and,

to the contrary, gave me the strength

I needed to keep working and gain

bodily confidence.

Thank you so much!!

Barbara C.