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Get Group Classes

Limited to 8 clients.


Our Apparatus Classes utilize our Allegro 2 Reformers which feature the infinity footbar allowing for more dynamic workouts. The Reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  

New to Pilates? We highly recommend taking at least 1 Private Session before signing up for Apparatus Classes.  Sign ups are required.

2-18 clients.

Pilates Mat Classes

Mat Classes provide a well-rounded workout that include core strengthening, arm & leg work, stretching, balance, & coordination that will leave both beginner and more advanced clients feeling confident and challenged. These classes are a great way to try Pilates if you donโ€™t have any injuries or physical concerns.

New to The Pilates Studio? It is required that you sign up for Mat Classes ahead of time.  Once you have an active pass or membership it is recommended but not required.

New to Pilates ? If you are injury free and able to get up and down from the floor you can start with any of our mixed level classes.  

Class Series

These are closed group classes that run for a planned number of weeks.  Class Series are varied and utilize a variety of the Pilates Apparatus.  Some of our series come with a free built in makeup class in case you miss a class. Perfect attendance? You can also take this extra week as a bonus class with your apparatus class package. Sign ups are required

New to Pilates? Some Series are perfect for beginners. Read individual descriptions for more details.  

I cannot say enough in how impressed I am with the Pilates studio and its instructors. I ;have been going to classes with Katrina and feel they have truly helped my back pain. Most importantly they have taught me proper breathing techniques and made me aware of how important balance and core strength are. The groups are very friendly and the advice from the instructors most helpful. Marilyn L.

Marilyn L.

Hip alignment and muscle response has improved my balance and makes landing harder figure skating jumps with more ease on that 1/8โ€ blade!

Lexi B.

I took the Beginner Reformer series with Katrina and it is 5 Stars! The class was full - 8 beginners - but she did not have a slightest problem running around and paying attention to every one of us. A super neat thing about these series is that if you miss a class then there is make up/bonus class, which, if you signed up for the series you can also purchase as a bonus for a discount. That came handy to me given that I could not attend one Tuesday - but I loved this series so much that I would buy the 7nd class anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ Katrina is very knowledgeable and experienced in all things Pilates, and I'll definitely try to take another series at this Studio - and they usually fill up fast so if you are thinking about some of the series then don't overthink it, they're a great idea and you will love it!

Peter H.