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I have been going to The Pilates Studio for several years now and can only say great things. I wish I was more consistent with going, but when I do return I find that the mat and reformer classes all help with my low back and hip tightness. I especially love the atmosphere - I find that those sneaky instructors make my core work double just by making me laugh in nearly every class! The instructors are super knowledgable, and every class seems to have something new or different to keep it interesting. I recommend TPS to nearly every person I talk to who wants a good, balanced workout with fun and creativity. 5 Stars!!

Marla L.

I started at the Pilates Studio 3.5 years ago after a series of injuries. In that time, in combination with other activities, my strength has grown tremendously! I can complete exercises now that I only could have dreamed about previously! Most importantly, I can feel the difference in core and leg strength in many of my daily activities including hiking! I have enjoyed every instructor I have worked with in that time!

Laurel C.

The Pilates Studio rocks! The instructors are very skilled and the variety of class offerings is excellent. This is a very welcoming place for students of all levels. I absolutely love it there!

Susan H.