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The Pilates Studio is fabulous! All of the staff are highly knowledgeable and supportive in achieving fitness goals. I have come so far the past two years that I have been working out here!
Having arthritis can be a challenge but there is always a modification available. Exercises I couldn’t do, I can now! My pain is much reduced, bone density has improved as well as my strength and confidence!

Patricia L.

started Pilates last year in recovery from a herniated disc and sciatica, upon recommendation from a number of people including my sports medicine doc. Wow, what a life changing event--and I don't mean the back injury. I've had low-grade back pain for ~30 years since starting martial arts practice in my 20's, and my back is now better than it's been since before then! Katrina has helped me really understand how my body works and moves, and I quickly got back to my routines in dance, rock climbing, splitting wood, etc.--and general embracing of my physical life--even better than in the past. My regular workouts on the Pilates apparatus at the Hadley studio are a fixture in my life, and occasional series of independent sessions with Katrina help me on my path toward continued improvement in feeling good and moving strong and free.

And one more thing: the studio is so wonderfully laid out and managed, with such attention to detail, that it's a pleasure just be there. I feel very taken care of!

Bobby D.

I am fairly certain that Pilates has saved my life. One day, while working in the 2nd story loft of my barn, I was standing at the edge holding open the large side door where we would drop hay. A strong wind swung the door open, and because I was hanging on to the door, I started to fall out. As my life flashed before my eyes, I quickly let go of the door, but I was already falling out of the loft. I tightened every muscle in my core, back, and legs to pull myself back from over the edge and securely back on to the loft floor. It was terrifying, and I know Pilates made all the difference that day.

Gina B.