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Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

I tried the Pilates Studio as an experiment, I’m sticking around because of the good vibes.  The instructors are all very knowledgeable, as well as being cheerful, positive, encouraging and nurturing in their roles.  If you have pain issues, asymmetries, and other bodily weirdness, they’re all great at accommodating your limitations and helping you find movements you can do instead of forcing yourself into poses that hurt.  The cost is higher than a standard gym membership, but I’m getting such good instruction and encouragement that it’s worth it.

Elaine C.

Having had arthritis since my youth, I am constantly amazed at what I am able to achieve with the expertise, support and encouragement of The Pilates Studio Staff!

Patricia L.

It's amazing how different the Pilates method is from straight plane strengthening. You get strengthening and lengthening of muscles in ways that translate more completely to real world motions. That's the science. The art of Pilates at The Pilates Studio comes from the skilled, curious, fun teachers who help and guide you every step of the way whether you're taking group classes or doing private work. Worth the time and money? Absolutely! It IS life changing.

Anna V.