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Because I've been doing Pilates I know I will have more stability and be less vulnerable to injury from falls in the winter.

Sarah T.

My improved balance is noticed most when doing my daily 2 mile hike in the woods each day. I was stumbling and falling way to much to totally enjoy myself out there plus I’d never look up because I knew I’d probably stumble again. What I noticed is that I’m looking up as I walk and don’t stumble! If I do catch a root and trip, I immediately am able to catch my balance before I hit the ground... but it just doesn’t happen anymore.... I love Pilates! It has improved my quality of life.

Lee O.

I am an older client who comes to the Pilates Studio in Hadley to work with an individual trainer twice a week. Generally I do not really feel like going to exercise what with past injuries and arthritis. However, after the first step inside this uniquely friendly Pilates studio I find the warmth and and good cheer of all the trainers, along with the upbeat laughter throughout the studio, begins to make me feel better immediately. By the end of each session I am always so glad I made myself come because I my body feels more capable and I feel thoroughly cheered up. The program my trainer guides me through is tailored to my individual needs and the philosophy of the whole studio is to meet the clients where they are and build from there, no matter what their capabilities. And that includes challenging the already super fit as well as the disabled. I have made more gains in my personal fitness and general feeling of well-being following the Pilates program than any other fitness program I have enrolled in. I enthusiastically encourage anyone to come and learn on their own how the Pilates Studio of Hadley program can enhance their life.

Katie G.