Intro offers/Where to Start - The Pilates Studio

3 Private Sessions ... $199 walk in price...$210

4 Beginner Reformer Classes...$99  walk in price...$110

2 Week Unlimited Mat Classes...$69 walk in price...$79

Nancy-Thank you for always pushing your 7am team to be better each week. You change up the routines and bring new challenges weekly for us to grow and become better. You make getting up at 5:30 easy!

Stephanie A.

Since I started doing Pilates I can balance on one leg to reach for something in a tight spot using my abs to stabilize me and other leg to help balance me!

Erin M.

I’d never tried Pilates before and signed up for a Beginner Series of individual sessions. I was hooked right away and added more individual sessions to keep progressing.
The instructor, Nate, has been incredibly helpful! He is specific in his instruction and always encouraging - exactly what I needed. And he tailors our sessions to address my particular issues and goals. I’m only a few weeks in and already feel better than I used to.
I also signed up for a beginner reformer class as soon as it was offered and am excited to be learning more and doing Pilates more often.
I’m very happy that I started coming here!

Maura O.