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My balance has improved tremendously since taking pilates lessons with Katrina. I am more sure footed and I don't trip as often. My posture has improved which in turn has improved my balance. Strengthening my legs and engaging my core has really helped my balance.

Jill R.

I am so grateful that my dr. referred me to Katrina and the Pilates Studio. I have had 2 back surgeries and Katrina has been amazing at helping me to work through some fear and apprehension to gain strength again. I totally respect her expertise as she works with so many of us who have our own story working on our individual programs. I take her small group class and have met some great people who are part of the group as well! I have also taken classes with Nate and Kathy - both super! And Kay, another staff person, has been so supportive in understanding both the physical and emotional part of this recovery journey. Everyone is behind you and I'm feeling stronger every day! Thanks, Katrina (and all!)

Carmela P.

Laurie, Katrina and Mark thank you so much for creating all these wonderful Pilates classes. It's the next best thing not being in the studio. If I have to be home what better way to spend some of my time........enjoying your great classes. Thanks so much!

Matt Zacarian