Intro offers/Where to Start - The Pilates Studio

3 Private Sessions ... $210 

Private Sessions are perfect for clients with a specific goal, injury or limitation. Your Pilates program will be individually customized  to meet these needs. Working one on one with an instructor will allow you to progress at your own pace.  

This package expires in 4 weeks.

Buy online and receive a discounted rate.

Unlimited Apparatus Classes ...$​119

Apparatus Classes are a fantastic full body Pilates workout. You'll leave class feeling stronger, taller & more balanced.  

If you are new to Pilates we recommend but don't require booking a private session before signing up for these classes.

All Apparatus Classes require you to be injury free. 

This package expires in 2 weeks.

Buy online for a discounted rate.

Unlimited Mat Classes ...$79

Mat Classes provide a well-rounded workout that include core strengthening, arm & leg work, stretching, balance, & coordination that will leave both beginner and more advanced clients feeling confident and challenged. These classes are a great way  to try Pilates if you don’t have any injuries or physical concerns.

It is required that you sign up for Mat Classes ahead of time when you are new to The Pilates Studio. Once you have an active pass or membership it is recommended but not required to sign up ahead of time.


Check our schedule for class times & descriptions. 

This package expires in 2 weeks.

Buy online for a discounted rate.

I thought Pilates was some kind of torture exercise until a friend encouraged me to watch her class. Surprisingly the apparatus wasn't torturous, the exercises made sense and made me want to explore this type of exercise.
Finding The Pilates Studio in Hadley has been just what I needed. I'm fortunate to have Maureen as my introduction instructor and have followed her from small class instruction into the Bone Density Building class.
Maureen is Wicked AWESOME! She explains everything we're doing and why. She's always developing new exercises which keeps us interested and engaged as well as working all parts of our body. Maureen's calming influence and her wonderful "Ahh's", "That's it" and "Good job" are so warm and inspiring.
I have gained strength, am healing my shoulder and feel really good attending Pilates classes. The Pilates Studio is such a warm and inviting place as well.
Thanks, Maureen and staff!

Barbara C.B

The Pilates Studio rocks! The instructors are very skilled and the variety of class offerings is excellent. This is a very welcoming place for students of all levels. I absolutely love it there!

Susan H.

I work with Katrina Hawley at The Pilates Studio and I am always impressed with her knowledge, skill, and expertise. No matter the issue, she can address it! The workouts are fun and I know I'm working intelligently and efficiently with her guidance. In addition, The Pilates Studio is a warm and welcoming environment with a wonderful sense of community. I highly recommend The Pilates Studio!

Fritha P.