Intro offers/Where to Start - The Pilates Studio

3 Private Sessions ... $210 

Private Sessions are perfect for clients with a specific goal, injury or limitation. Your Pilates program will be individually customized  to meet these needs. Working one on one with an instructor will allow you to progress at your own pace.  

This package expires in 4 weeks.

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Unlimited Apparatus Classes ...$​119

Apparatus Classes are a fantastic full body Pilates workout. You'll leave class feeling stronger, taller & more balanced.  

If you are new to Pilates we recommend but don't require booking a private session before signing up for these classes.

All Apparatus Classes require you to be injury free and able get up and down from the floor by yourself.  

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This package expires in 2 weeks.

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Unlimited Mat Classes ...$79

Mat Classes provide a well-rounded workout that include core strengthening, arm & leg work, stretching, balance, & coordination that will leave both beginner and more advanced clients feeling confident and challenged. These classes are a great way  to try Pilates if you don’t have any injuries or physical concerns.

It is required that you sign up for Mat Classes ahead of time when you are new to The Pilates Studio. Once you have an active pass or membership it is recommended but not required to sign up ahead of time.


Check our schedule for class times & descriptions. 

Bonus: Select this offer and get a promo code for a $59 Private Session.

This package expires in 2 weeks.

Buy online for a discounted rate.

I took the Beginner Reformer series with Katrina and it is 5 Stars! The class was full - 8 beginners - but she did not have a slightest problem running around and paying attention to every one of us. A super neat thing about these series is that if you miss a class then there is make up/bonus class, which, if you signed up for the series you can also purchase as a bonus for a discount. That came handy to me given that I could not attend one Tuesday - but I loved this series so much that I would buy the 7nd class anyway 🙂 Katrina is very knowledgeable and experienced in all things Pilates, and I'll definitely try to take another series at this Studio - and they usually fill up fast so if you are thinking about some of the series then don't overthink it, they're a great idea and you will love it!

Peter H.

Nancy is one of my favorite instructors at the Pilates Studio.I take her 7 AM class three times per week before going to work. I leave her class feeling more energized and much stronger! Nancy is a very patient, knowledgeable, and skilled instructor. Her class is challenging, but lots of fun. I highly recommend taking any class that Nancy is teaching at the Pilates Studio.

Susan H.

Nancy’s Barre Class is a blast! She is a great instructor who is highly skilled and has helped me get fit. I highly recommend this class!

Jim H.