Choose Your Introductory Package

We invite all new clients to get to know us by starting off with an Introductory Package. 

Not sure which is right for you? No problem! Give us a call, or send an email. We can help you decide. 

Choose Your Introductory Offer

We invite all new clients to start with an Introductory Package. Not sure which is right for you? No problem! Give us a call and we can help you decide. 

4 Mat Classes...$49

What would it feel like to look forward to exercising?

 Mat classes are a perfect balance of focused exercise that will leave you feeling like you’ve had a workout, a massage and a power nap at the same time.

4 Reformer Classes...$99

Classes are low impact and suitable for any age or fitness level. It's a unique and versatile workout that takes your body out of its comfort zone, which is where you will start to see change happen.

3 Private Sessions...$240

Private Sessions are perfect for our clients with a specific goal, injury or limitation.

These sessions will allow you to achieve your goals at your own pace. Our new first-floor space now makes Pilates more accessible.  

Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

I mostly attend the Mat classes and each class is different. Not only because there is around half a dozen instructor who teach Pilates on mat on a regular basis, but even the same teacher will regularly mix it up a little; hand weights, fitness balls, the Oov (I hope I'm spelling the name of that thing right, ;-), resistance bands, small squishy balls, the "magic circle"  etc.  Not a one class is the same, which I love! And every single of their teachers are not only certified in Pilates and very knowledgeable in anatomy & general fitness, they're also friendly and funny.  I never had a bad class at this Pilates studio in my 8+ years of patronizing it, and I always feel batter afterwards!  

Peter H.

I took the Beginner Reformer series with Katrina and it is 5 Stars! The class was full - 8 beginners - but she did not have a slightest problem running around and paying attention to every one of us.  A super neat thing about these series is that if you miss a class then there is make up/bonus class, which, if you signed up for the series you can also purchase as a bonus for a discount. That came handy to me given that I could not attend one Tuesday - but I loved this series so much that I would buy the 7nd class anyway :) Katrina is very knowledgeable and experienced in all things Pilates, and I'll definitely try to take another series at this Studio - and they usually fill up fast so if you are thinking about some of the series then don't overthink it, they're a great idea and you will love it!

Peter H.

Everyone rocks at The Pilates Studio. Their expertise and compassion are overwhelming.

Amy O.