First of all, were excited that you're interested in Pilates reformer classes. In this paragraph, I'll share 3 reasons why you're in for a real treat if you never tried working out on the Pilates reformer. Firstly, it's a lot older than you might think! it was invented 100+ years ago by Joseph Pilates. It's not some new fad! Secondly, it's low impact and suitable for any age or fitness level. That means it's safe. Thirdly, it's a unique and versatile workout that takes your body out of its comfort zone which is where you will start to see change happen. 

About Our Classes

About Reformer Classes

  • The Pilates reformer gives you a great full body workout.
  • Classroom equipped with 7 top-of-the-line Balance Body Allegro II reformers with towers.
  • Each Reformer is socially distanced without being isolated.
  • Class size is limited to 7.
  • Modifications: Instructors will offer common modifications for exercises. If you're ever left wondering what modifications you need, we offer Fitness Screenings that will uncover any movement patterns preventing you from getting as much as possible from your workouts.

Our  Classroom

Intro Offer Pricing

4 -7 Clients. 1 Instructor.

4 reformer Classes


4 Classes




I have been going to The Pilates Studio for several years now and can only say great things. I wish I was more consistent with going, but when I do return I find that the mat and reformer classes all help with my low back and hip tightness. I especially love the atmosphere - I find that those sneaky instructors make my core work double just by making me laugh in nearly every class! The instructors are super knowledgable, and every class seems to have something new or different to keep it interesting. I recommend TPS to nearly every person I talk to who wants a good, balanced workout with fun and creativity. 5 Stars!!

Marla L.

Wow, these 9 weeks flew by! I had a blast and it was a great time of year to do this- getting through the winter months. It introduced me to more reformer classes which is what I am doing more of..a total switch from just mat classes since my membership began in 2015

Jennifer U.

Because I've been doing Pilates I know I will have more stability and be less vulnerable to injury from falls in the winter.

Sarah T.

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If you need more information, please call us at 413-586-3504

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If you are looking for a welcoming place where it will be a joy to work out and get in shape, you've found it at The Pilates Studio! The teachers are so knowledgable, friendly and encouraging. I've been going for a year and plan to keep going for many more!

Sue H.

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