Getting Started

I’ve never done Pilates before, where should I start?

If you are brand new to Pilates (or to our studio), choose one of our 3 Introductory Packages here. Not sure which one is right for you? No problem! Give us a call at 413-586-3504, and we can help.


What does AutoPay mean?

All memberships and packages automatically have autopay enabled. This means that when it expires or is used, Mindbody will automatically purchase you the same membership or package.

You can turn AutoPay off by logging into Mindbody and going to the "account" section.

Classes & Sessions

What is the difference between sessions and classes?

We offer Private (in-person and virtual), Semi-Private, Small Group, and Independent Sessions, scheduled by appointment, and Group Mat (virtual) and Group Apparatus Classes, which happen on a regular weekly basis.

During Sessions, clients work on their individualized program- even if sharing an instructor. These programs are workouts based on the client’s goals, injuries, and how their bodies feel on any given day. Sessions typically utilize the Pilates Apparatus; however, some clients choose to focus on just Pilates Mat work.

What happens in a Private Session (in-studio & online)?

That depends on what you need! Some examples:

  • A customized workout based on your needs, and goals.
  • A private meeting to discuss any concerns/issues you have going on in your body
  • Tactics to combat any new aches and pains
  • Maintain the progress you've been making towards your goals. Your instructor can teach you ways to adapt your in-studio workout to your home environment.

    If you have booked an online private session, your instructor will email you a zoom link just before your scheduled time. 

How long are your sessions and classes?

All sessions and apparatus classes are 50 minutes. This allows for cleaning and sanitizing equipment between clients.
Live streaming classes vary between 20-50 minutes, depending on the class.

How do I schedule sessions and sign up for classes?

Smiles & Success: Client Reviews That Say It All:

The best possible instructors,knowledgeable understanding of complex physical issues.

Sonya T.

My return to Pilates after a 10 year absence, was exactly as I hoped it would be. Pilates reached out to me, with Cathy as the guide, and reminded me how important it can again be in my life and wellbeing. Everything about the experience, from making the appointment with Julie, to having my first session with Cathy, affirmed my new beginning at The Pilates Studio.

Micki P.

Someone just asked me "what keeps you coming to Pilates?"  Honestly?  RESULTS!  No matter what kind of week I've had or how bad my body feels before I come to Pilates, I leave feeling stronger, pain-free and balanced.  As I walk out, I literally feel GREAT and believe me, that causes a ripple effect in the Universe :)  Just ask my coworkers or the guys at Dunkin' Donuts that hand me my iced coffee through the drive thru and say:  "Pilates this morning?"  What I have found helpful to motivate me to come back is to book my classes through the phone app one week in advance.  If you struggle with self-care guilt, as I sometimes do, just enter it into your calendar as "Meeting with Laurie" or "Weekly meeting with Kay."  Only you will know but the Universe will thank you.                                                                                                       

Susan D.