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Please read and familiarize yourself with this important information.  Also check out our Info & Policies page.

Getting Started

I’ve never done Pilates before, where should I start?


What are and how do I buy AutoPay Packages?

For example: Jamie purchases an AutoPay Package of 5 Small Groups.  Once her last one is used her credit card will automatically be charged for another package of 5 Small Groups. This makes sure she never has an unpaid visit on her account and assures she will always get the lowest rate available.

If Jamie decides she no longer wants AutoPay she simply turns it off in her account.  She will have her remaining sessions to use.

How to Purchase An AutoPay Package on Desktop:

  • Visit our MindBody site
  • Login
  • In the main header row switch  to STORE tab
  • In the secondary header row click on “AutoPay Packages”
  • Select the package you’d like
  • Read the description and the AutoPay Agreement
  • Click the “I agree with the above terms” box
  • Click Make Purchase
  • Confirm that your shopping cart is correct
  • Click Check Out
  • Enter Credit Card Info and Complete

  Classes & Sessions

How long are your Sessions and Classes?

What is the difference between Sessions and Classes?

What is the difference between Series and Regular Weekly Classes?

How do I schedule Sessions?

How do I sign up for Classes?