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  • Try out online classes
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  • Learn a workout for your own at home practice
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  • Get a home version of your  favorite and most necessary exercises
  • Packages of 5 and 10 Privates available with a package discount.
  • Tactics to combat any new aches and pains
  • Maintain your progress towards meeting your goals

What current members are saying...

Sharon P.

On a day we try to think about what we are grateful for, let me take this opportunity to thank you for helping me get healthier. What with the Zoom classes and daily walking (& watching my calories), I’ve lost weight, I move more easily, my aches and pains are much reduced, and I sleep more soundly. Still a work very much in progress, but definitely heading in the right direction. (Still can’t sit cross-legged... 🤷🏻‍♀️). In fact I gathered up the courage to do the Hot Chocolate Challenge this year! Not a run this year - that would have been a non-starter for me. But a year ago, I wouldn’t have considered it.

Marilyn London Ewing

I'm filled with gratitude that Katrina, Laurie and Mark created the online Pilates classes. They have made an array of classes from beginner to apparatus. In each class Laurie or Katrina teach with grace, humor and expertise. Their cues and modifications are so helpful. And there are bonuses. A Q &A after most classes and many of the classes are recorded to be viewed on our own. Thank you for all your time and effort.

Katie George

I am really enjoying the archived classes and instruction. Your gentle voices have followed me into my dreams and I do amazing things! (in my dreams). What I find so interesting is how much I have learned about form and technique. Despite working with two of your superb trainers I have found just hearing the use of different vocabulary or new helpful hints has been so instructive for me. Although I can't wait to see you all in person again, I hope to be able to refer back to these classes and demonstrations long after that happens. You're doing great!

Tele-Session Package Pricing


Private tele-sessions from any device or computer.

  • Private Tele-Session $85
  • 5 Private Tele-Sessions $400
  • 10 Private Tele-Sessions $675

FAQs about membership & classes

FAQs about Tele-Private Sessions

FAQ's About Tele-Sessions

What do I need to take a Tele-Private Session

Any device with Internet access, a microphone and a camera.

A space in your home large enough to lie down

Who can I schedule a Tele-Private Session with?

Currently Katrina is the only instructor offering Tele-Private Sessions.  

How do I schedule a session?

Visit this link to view availability and schedule. You will need to login to your Mindbody Account.

What happens in a Tele-Private Session?

That depends on what you need! These sessions can be:

A customized workout based on your needs, goals and available props

A Private meeting to discuss any concerns/issues you have going on in your body

Tactics to combat any new aches and pains 

Maintain the progress you've been making towards your goals.  Your instructor can teach you ways to adapt your in studio workout to your home environment.