ByoBaby! - The Pilates Studio


Tuesdays 12-1pm at The Pilates Studio

Babies that are a few weeks-8 months old are usually the most cooperative but any age is welcome.
Your Pilates instructor will lead you through a mixed level Pilates Mat Class with focus on movements that new moms’ bodies are craving: extension, stretching, and abdominal strengthening.  During class you’ll feel comfortable attending to your baby and trying exercises standing, sitting or laying down -depending on where your little one needs you.  Crying is welcome (for everyone!) and conversation is extremely encouraged.  This is your chance to be with your baby, other moms and your body.

drops in $15/ 6 classes $75/ 10 classes $120/ 25 classes $240/ 30 classes split with a buddy $288
you can use these class cards for BYObaby or any of our mat classes.
We also offer monthly unlimited memberships for $125.  ($89 for brand new clients!).
Come to unlimited mat classes for the whole month.