Cathy Lawlor

Cathy Lawlor

She/Her/Hers | Polestar® Pilates Instructor

Cathy became interested in Pilates as a means of exercising and aging gracefully. As she continued her practice, she not only noticed improvements in her physical strength but also felt a strong connection to the approach of mind, body, and spirit. This connection resonated with her background in physical therapy, which she had been practicing for over 25 years with experience in early intervention, therapy for persons with developmental disabilities, rehabilitation, and geriatrics.

With her newfound passion for Pilates, she decided to make a shift in her career, viewing it as an extension of therapy with a fresh perspective. Cathy finds great joy in teaching, particularly the personal connections she forms with clients and the satisfaction of watching their personal growth through this movement experience, both in their bodies and in their quality of life.

Outside of her professional life, Cathy has a deep love for her family, nature, kayaking, hiking in the woods with her dog Gracie, traveling, and photography. Her personal goal is to remain grateful moment to moment for her family, personal connections, health, and opportunities to experience the world around her.

About Cathy's Classes

Welcome to Cathy's class, where personal connections, expert knowledge, and compassionate care come together to create a transformative Pilates experience.

First and foremost, Cathy finds great joy in teaching and forming personal connections with her clients. She takes immense satisfaction in witnessing their growth through the movement experience, not only in their physical bodies but also in their overall quality of life. Cathy's genuine care and dedication foster a supportive and nurturing environment where you feel seen, valued, and supported on your Pilates journey.

Her deep understanding of balance and her ability to adapt exercises to individual needs ensure a safe and effective practice for all. Drawing from her background, Cathy provides valuable insights and modifications that cater to various abilities, making Pilates accessible and beneficial for everyone.

Cathy's caring and empathetic qualities shine through in her teaching approach. Her compassionate nature infuses the classes with a realistic and empathetic perspective. She understands the individual challenges and triumphs of her students and provides gentle guidance and support to help you navigate your personal journey. With Cathy, you'll find a safe space to explore your limits, embrace your vulnerabilities, and celebrate your progress with kindness and understanding.

Take classes with Cathy for:

  • Expert Knowledge
  • Adaptability and Safety
  • Compassionate Care

I have gone to private classes with Cathy and group classes with Maureen and both have been wonderful! I feel like I am rediscovering my core and becoming stronger and healthier!

Anderea K.

Cathy is a great teacher , pleasant facility, ease of appointment making, friendly and helpful staff.

Joal F.

I take Cathy’s bone density class on Friday mornings, and I just love it! Her course is well structured and moves at a good clip. She is extremely knowledgeable, and like all the other instructors at the Pilates Studio, she knows how to challenge us while giving clear instructions that emphasize safety. She is fun, very supportive, and always attentive to those who need extra help. Most importantly, my body feels great after a class with Cathy. Thank you, Cathy!

Denise R.