Finding New Ways to Get Stronger

Libby, a 58-year-old teacher, was happily enjoying a very active and fulfilling lifestyle. As a keen cyclist, she loved nothing more than taking off on her road bike and enjoying the freedom of the open road and exploring the trails around her home.

But she was noticing more and more that the hip bursitis that she suffered with occasionally was starting to occur more frequently, limiting her mobility and preventing her from enjoying life to the fullest.

This painful condition, which causes the two major bursae in the hip to become inflamed and painful, meant that Libby was in agony when she experienced flare-ups.

“For me, the bursitis was a huge concern”, says Libby. “and I was noticing that my leg strength was starting to decrease."

"I was really starting to feel my age and reluctantly resigning myself to the fact that I might just have to hang up my cycling helmet for good.” 

Libby knew that she needed to find alternative ways to build strength in her body, to find a way to strengthen her legs, especially her thigh muscles.

Then, a chance conversation with a friend introduced her to the world of Pilates. She’d thought about taking up Pilates in the past, but had always thought it to be too gentle and not in line with her energetic lifestyle.

“I would have loved to have attended classes in person, but with a pandemic in full swing, it just wasn’t an option”, says Libby. “Fortunately, Katrina and Laurie offered online classes that gave me all the benefits of guided classes in the comfort of my own home."

 "As time went on, I started looking forward to the new challenges that Katrina and Laurie had for me and learning new moves in every session.”

The difference in Libby’s strength has been amazing. As a cyclist, she has noticed a dramatic improvement in her leg strength. 

“I have also been pushing myself to perform harder moves that require abdominal strength. Thanks to Laurie’s advice, I can perform these moves with confidence.”, says Libby. 

And Libby’s bike riding days?.....

“I’ve actually just treated myself to a new road bike! 

There’s no stopping me now!”