Katrina Hawley C.M.A., NPCP, Co-Director

Meet Katrina


Polestar® Pilates Instructor | Studio Owner

Katrina is from Wyoming where the untamed spirit of the West and majestic natural beauty open your mind and invigorate your senses to release your own inner freedom and sense of adventure. It’s also where she taught her first class. The students were stuffed animals.

When Katrina moved to the Five College area, she brought with her this sense of freedom and adventure, along with her compulsion to teach.

When she discovered Laban Movement Analysis, it gave her the language she needed to understand movement at a deeper level and a way to communicate with those who would become teachers themselves.

Katrina’s superpowers are movement, teaching, and collaboration. She has collaborated with other professionals to teach how movement integrates with healing, communication, self-esteem, and empowerment.

She believes that relationships come first, business comes second, and play is the best!

Katrina is a Certified Pilates Teacher by the Pilates Method Alliance and a graduate of the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Program. She studied Somatic Movement approaches under Janis Pforsich, Aliza Shapiro, Charlotte Wile, Irene Dowd and Martha Eddy.

About Katrina's Classes

You'll find a unique blend of predictability, intuition, and a passion for movement in Katrian’s classes.
She follows a consistent structure, allowing students to develop a deep familiarity with the exercises. This predictability fosters a sense of confidence and progression as students become well-acquainted with the movements. You can expect a reliable framework that builds upon previous knowledge, empowering you to excel in your practice.

Katrina's intuition shines through in her teaching. When students encounter challenges, she possesses a remarkable ability to provide unconventional solutions. She may suggest movements that initially seem unrelated, but ultimately prove effective in overcoming the obstacle. Katrina's intuitive guidance creates a sense of trust and support, allowing you to explore new possibilities and find innovative approaches to movement.

Katrina's Classes Are:
  • Consistent
  • Intuitive
  • Empowering
  • Challenging

Katrina's passion for movement makes her a true "movement nerd." Rather than getting caught up in strict alignment, she prioritizes keeping her students in motion. Her focus is on the joy and freedom of movement, allowing you to explore and express yourself through a range of exercises. Katrina's emphasis on continuous flow and fluidity creates an energetic and dynamic atmosphere in her classes.

Katrina is very attentive and knowledgeable. The pilates studio has helped me manage my back without medical intervention.

Elaine T.

Katrina is thoughtful, Knowledgeable, and present!

Susan Z.

Katrina. Knowledgeable, friendly, caring practitioner, who listens to her clients. So far, the whole staff seems great.

Sally B.