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Kay Cowperthwait

Pilates Instructor

 There is an ever-present question on Kay Cowperthwait's mind when she is working with her clients: “What is best for this person?"  Kay has coached many sports for many years. This gives her a unique perspective, both as a coach and an athlete. Strength, flexibility, balance, confidence— all are important. But Kay uses her intuition and lots of questions to clarify the individual goals, to get to the “why."  Whether it's running faster, jumping higher, or simply working in the garden without pain or stiffness, Kay brings her years of experience in Pilates and coaching to help her clients overcome fitness challenges and do the things they long to do.

Kay's superpowers are her love for people and her ability to witness progress and reflect that success back to a client as a moment for celebration: “Remember when you couldn't do that?”  She is an energetic force of positivity, moving forward and helping others to do likewise.

Kay completed the Polestar Comprehensive training in August, 2015.  She also has a Personal Training certification from American Council on Exercise and a Spinning teacher certification from Spinning.com. She continues to want to learn more about Pilates and the human body, recently completing trainings in the OOV and the new running injury prevention program called Runity.

Kay graduated from Colby College, where she was a member of the varsity women’s ice hockey and lacrosse teams for four years. Kay coached at the collegiate level in lacrosse, ice hockey and golf for twelve years, before entering the fitness world in 2004.  She continues to coach ice hockey in weekly clinics for women and girls in Greenfield, Massachusetts. In addition to doing her own Pilates practice, Kay is a lifelong athlete who continues to play ice hockey and golf, and also enjoys running, spinning, biking, swimming and tennis.

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Kay is a treat to work with…because she makes us work! When I'm finished with her class I feel that my muscles are alive...and well. She has such a good sense of how the body works that she puts together a routine that moves from somewhat easy to challenging and manageable while hitting all of the major muscle groups and how they can work together.

Margery G.

Susan H.

Kay's Bone Building Apparatus class is awesome. She is a very knowledgable instructor and she made me feel very comfortable and welcome the first time I took this class. I was worried about taking a new class and not being able to keep up, but Kay made sure that I knew what to do and she made me feel as though I wasn't a first time student in this class. I appreciated her warmth and would highly recommend taking a class with Kay.

Patricia L.

Working with Kay during bone density reformer class is so good for me! My balance and strength continue to improve as does my body image. So empowering!

Patricia L.

I took a bad fall two years ago. During my recovery I started Pilates reformer classes. I have been working on my strength, balance and core. I am able to step up on to the platform without panicking, perform planks and for the very first time stand on one leg and extend the other behind while holding the springs! I feel so happy and proud! Special shout out to Cathy and Kay!