Laurie is back! - The Pilates Studio

Laurie is back!

Laurie started teaching Pilates Mat Classes in 2005 and for years she taught every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12pm. Between Ethan being born and the studio growing so much she had to step back to take care of business. But now she’s coming back- A LOT stronger (after almost 2 years of wrangling Ethan). Her classes are chatty, fun and she’s been known to make up games and challenges for clients to do on the spot. This intermediate class is perfect for folks who know the Pilates basics, and can modify as needed on an individual basis. Don’t be intimidated though!

Laurie is known to encourage a nap on the
mat instead of the ab series.
Sometimes naps are more important.

She’s really excited to back downstairs and teach you the new plank she learned.
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