Laurie Johnson, Studio Owner

Laurie Johnson


Instructor | Back Office Operations | Studio Owner 

Laurie is the gravitational force that draws instructors and clients to The Pilates Studio. She has created a culture of acceptance and freedom at the studio where everyone can feel comfortable to explore the boundaries of movement, strength, and flexibility.

That includes mothers with children in tow, people who hate to exercise and people who need to answer their phones during class (Studios with strict cell phone policies drive her nuts).

As a child she played “Office,” and on most days now feels like she is still playing instead of running a flourishing business. Laurie is the social media, marketing and innovation strategist with an exceptional track record of getting things done, while making it look easy.

Laurie began college as a marketing major but changed her mind when she felt marketing was really just making people think they wanted something they didn’t need. She switched majors many times– from English to Religion to Liberal Arts to Exercise Science, until she began designing her own major at UMASS. In that time she also earned her Associates and Certificate in Massage Therapy, trained with Power Pilates and Stott Pilates, and became a birth doula. While she enjoyed her many hats, she found the one that fit perfectly when she became co-owner of The Pilates Studio and finally learnt that marketing didn’t have to make her feel “icky”!

About Laurie's Classes:

Welcome to Laurie's class, where personal connections, playfulness, and uplifting encouragement set the stage for an engaging and enjoyable Pilates experience.

Laurie's classes foster personal connections. She takes the time to build relationships with her students, showing genuine interest in their lives beyond the studio. From checking in on weekend plans to discussing recent vacations or updates on kiddos, Laurie creates a welcoming environment where students feel seen, heard, and valued. Through these personal connections, she also encourages the formation of connections between students, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community within the class.
Laurie's classes are known for their playfulness. With her amusing, humorous, and mischievous nature, she infuses each class with light-hearted energy.

You can expect moments of laughter and witty banter as Laurie creates an environment where fun and enjoyment are integral parts of the Pilates journey. Her bright and casual approach invites you to let loose and make exercise fun.
Laurie's encouragement extends beyond the physical aspects of Pilates and extends into life itself. She brings a compassionate and helpful demeanor to her classes, offering support and motivation to her students both on and off the mat. Whether it's guiding you through challenging exercises or providing words of wisdom and encouragement for life's endeavors, Laurie uplifts and empowers you to reach your full potential.

Laurie's commitment to safe and effective alignment is balanced with a practical approach. While she provides cues and guidance for proper form, she understands that each body is unique, and minor variations in alignment can be acceptable as long as safety and overall benefits are maintained.

My classes are online. Laurie puts a lot of thought into curating the live and recorded classes for our small group of regulars.

Michele M

Laurie’s class is always enjoyable. She is an extremely skilled instructor whose classes are the perfect combination of fun and sweat. I leave her class feeling relaxed, refreshed, and strong!

Susan H.

After 20 years of yoga I decided I needed core strengthening. I was apprehensive because childhood onset scoliosis caused me to be overly protective of my upper body.  And then I heard about Katrina. She has made such a difference in my life. The extent of her knowledge and teaching skill is incredibly impressive. Katrina, Laurie and every one on the staff have created such a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere at the studio.  I’ve been going there over three years now, private classes, then small groups and now that I know my exercises I’m doing independent sessions. I absolutely love the Pilates Studio!

Sheilah S.

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