Maureen Shea

Pilates Instructor

Movement integration is at the heart of Maureen’s movement teaching and practice. She has taught Pilates since 2004, originally training with Jacqueline Ethier in Fletcher Pilates® in Ottawa, Canada.

Maureen graduated from Polestar Pilates' Comprehensive teaching program in 2014, and has mentored teachers in training both in Hadley and Montreal. Maureen is also a Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider.

For the past 3 years she’s been working towards her Masters of Arts from the dance department at UQÀM in Montreal while training undergrad dance students in the gym as a complement to their dance training; working as a research assistant; and teaching Pilates at Samya Tatone’s studio, Precision Pilates. Maureen returned to teach at the Pilates Studio in Hadley in July 2021 and combines her Pilates training with her somatic, fitness and contemporary dance background.