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Pilates and Dance

While Joseph Pilates was a boxer and a gymnast and began developing his work in the hospital for injured soldiers, when he immigrated to the United States the first people that he started training were the modern dancers of the Martha Graham Company.

It is well known that the stronger the dancer the easier she makes dancing look, and PILATES makes dancers stronger.

Pilates increases flexibility for all of the extensions that are necessary, but more than that Pilates creates stability in the standing leg so that the dancer can extend one leg into the air in perfect balance. Now let’s mention the power necessary to propel dancers through the air. Whether they are being lifted or doing the lifting. The power of the jump or leap requires an understanding of kinetic chains both bodily and intellectually.

A Pilates Practice can make any dancer find the efficiency necessary to improve her art. The power will be there so that the depth of the performance grows and each concert is appears easier.

The Pilates studio has Katrina Hawley has a B.F.A in dance from Temple University and is adjunct faculty at the Hartt School Dance Division. She says there is no better performer than the educated dancer. The dancer that knows her posture and can articulate what her body is doing in each movement. She loves to teach dancers and help them discover with movement and learning what their body already knows.