Pilates for Kids!

pilates-for-kids-3Fridays 3:30pm-4:30pm

January 20th- February 10th

with Maureen Shea and Nate Olsen

Hello kids!  This is YOUR chance to try out Pilates!  Learn all the ways that your spine can MOVE; GROW even taller; become STRONGER as you become longer; BREATHE (and giggle, too); figure out BODY PUZZLES; feel GOOD in your skin.  Wear comfortable clothes!

All kids ages 6-12 are welcome and encouraged.

No Pilates experience necessary- heck you don’t even need to know what Pilates is.  Just be ready to move and play.

Cost for each class is $16 or we have class cards: 5 for $70, 10 for $130, 20 for $200
Kids and their grownups can share class cards.  These cards can be used for any of our mat classes listed on our schedule. Questions? Just ask!

Parents: While your kids are at class you can run an errand, visit Esselon across the street from the studio, wait at the studio or try your own Pilates class!! We have just added a Pilates Reformer class Fridays at the same time in our upstairs studio.  Never done Pilates before? No problem! This Reformer class is geared towards beginners.

Just like your little ones you’ll be getting stronger and feeling good in your skin!

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Regular class prices for reformer classes are $26, 5 for $115 or 10 for $210.
Due to limited space it is required that you sign up for your spot in Reformer class.
You can sign up through our online schedule or by calling the studio 413-586-3504