Pilates Has Become an Unexpected Lifeline

Amy, a 61-year-old mature student, had finished her studies and was about to embark on an exciting new career in art restoration when the pandemic hit. 

“I was so disappointed."

"I was due to join a small team of restoration professionals at my local museum, but due to COVID restrictions, the museum had to close to the public and non-essential employees. 

I was bored, frustrated and if that wasn’t enough, an old back injury came back to haunt me.”

Amy, fueled by her need to cure her boredom and her back problems, took her search online to find a remedy. There, she came across Laurie and Katrina’s live Pilates sessions and decided it was worth a try. If anything, it would be a way to add some interest to her days.

“Well, what can I say? The online classes have been a lifeline for me, both mentally and physically.”

“Being able to move along with Laurie or Katrina is great as I can really get a feel for the movement and see whether I am doing it right. This is the first mat class I have ever taken and I was quite nervous before my first session, but I needn’t have been!” 

The Classes Keep Me Going

After a few weeks of completing 2-3 classes a week, Amy started to notice a significant improvement in flexibility and mobility and realized that she couldn’t remember the last time her back had aggravated her. She’s also noticed a loosening of her hips and can roll up from the ground to a sitting position so much easier.

“The small but significant steps you make with Pilates just keep you going and aiming for more. I’m amazed at how such focused exercises can have such a transformative effect on my overall health and wellbeing. I have more energy, my posture has improved and I even feel like I am moving with more grace. 

And I’m keeping in touch with my new museum friends over Zoom. We can’t wait to meet in person when we can!”