Pilates Fest 2017!


Join us on Saturday February 11th for a whole day of Pilates and fun! Our instructors will be teaching a variety of mini classes.  It’s a great opportunity for you to try out new classes or introduce Pilates to your friends.

Buy a day pass and take as many classes as you would like:

Sign up for everything you want to participate in

(space is limited in each class)

Purchase a day pass 


I’ve never done Pilates before. Is this a good event for me?

This event was created for you! We packed our schedule with a variety of what we offer at the studio so you can try anything and everything you want- no experience necessary!

I heard Pilates would be good for me but I have an injury/specific concern and I’m not sure if doing Pilates in a class environment will be safe.

Sign up for one of our Injury and Chronic Pain Consults. You’ll meet one on one with a qualified instructor who will address your concerns, explain if and how Pilates can help and point you in the right direction.

I saw on your schedule that there is a Reformer Class at 9am and a Mat Class at 10am but I can’t register for those with my day pass.  How come?

These 2 classes are not part of Pilates Fest.  They are our regular Saturday morning classes.

I really want to try a class but there is a wait list.  Any chance I’ll get in?

Definitely add yourself to wait lists of classes you want to take.  This shows us what people want and if we can we will add in more classes.  People are shifting their schedules as we add things so yes, there is a chance.  We will contact you from our email address: ThePilatesStudioinHadley@gmail.com if you get moved off the wait list.

I’m having trouble registering/purchasing/signing up or I have a question that isn’t answered here.  Can you help?

Yes! and I am more than happy to.  Just email Laurie at ThePilatesStudioinHadley@gmail.com.