Ruth Hutton Pilates Instructor

Ruth Hutton

She/Her/Hers | Polestar® Pilates Instructor

Ruth brings a rich background to her work at the studio. As a classically trained actor, documentary photographer, teacher of literature and of English to recent immigrants, she has a deep curiosity about and understanding of the human condition, including chronic pain. A lifelong teacher, Ruth is eager to help others discover what she did--that besides being entertaining, calming, and strengthening, Pilates can help you get out of recurrent or chronic pain.

Having lived in many places, Ruth learned to be comfortable with frequent transitions. Transition is often an underlying factor associated with recovery from an injury, fitness goals, or moving into a different phase of life. Ruth's superpower is her ability to meet her students wherever they are, and to guide them forward with empathy and compassion.

Ruth's has always found that exercise brought balance to her life. Besides being a Polestar Certified Pilates instructor, Ruth has a B.A. in Theatre from Williams College and an M.A. in English from Cambridge University, England, where she defied her beloved British friends who told her the truest test of her self-discipline would be if she could not exercise, but instead spend an entire weekend inside with them, drinking, smoking, and reading the papers.

Ruth was an excellent teacher, and was very helpful in assisting me to adapt the exercises for a knee issue.

Sheryl C.

Ruth is one of the wonderful instructors at The Pilates Studio in Hadley.  I had taken mat classes for more than a year when I decided to try an apparatus class.  Ruth was the instructor who welcomed me into her class and paid special attention to me, making sure that I was performing the exercises correctly.  She has a very gentle, kind personality and I miss taking her mat classes!

Susan H.

I took Ruth's reformer class and was hooked. Ruth is a great instructor and I feel great after her Sunday reformer class.

Jennifer U.