Suzanne Mente Pilates Instructor

Suzanne Mente NPCP

Polestar Pilates Instructor

When you meet Suzanne Mente, you should know that two things are probably going to happen. 

You will laugh, and you will be talking about hip mobility. She has a direct approach to teaching and coaching, punctuated with humor.

Suzanne was a highly accomplished equestrian and riding teacher, prior to becoming a Pilates Instructor. She was a lecturer through the equine program at UMass, a dressage competitor, and UMass dressage team coach. (Dressage is a competition in which horses perform special movements in response to signals from their riders.) For many years, she has also been a freelance riding instructor. 

Pilates has often been used by riders to improve hip and spine flexibility, and for developing core strength. When Suzanne first discovered Pilates, she not only improved as a rider; she also realized that it's the perfect jumping off place to whatever is next in a person's life--that it eliminates or diminishes barriers.

Suzanne is particularly interested in helping clients improve their balance, ease of movement, strength, and flexibility. Attention to form, efficient movement, and the mechanics of everything working together-- these are the keys to unlock any challenge a client may have.

Suzanne's superpower is observation. Watching riders’ and horses’ hip movements for years has enabled her to notice things others might not. She not only helps people connect with their horses, should they happen to be riders--she helps all people connect with their bodies.

Polestar certified Pilates Instructor

BS Veterinary and Animal Science

AS Equine Industries


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