This Has Been the Best Remedy For My Mind and Body

Jill, an interior designer, loved nothing more than helping her clients to transform their homes. Her job could get quite physically demanding at times and she was starting to notice a few new aches and pains after a long day.

What Are These New Aches and Pains?

“I turned 62 on my last birthday, and it seemed that no sooner had I  blown out the candles on my birthday cake that I started to experience pains in my neck, shoulders and lower back. My energy levels also suddenly dipped. I felt exhausted, stiff and completely demotivated.”

My Clients Could See It Too

It was when she was coming down a ladder rubbing her lower back that one of her clients asked if she was okay. Jill told her about the pain and low energy she’d been experiencing recently. Her client mentioned the difference that Pilates had made to her mobility and suggested Jill give it a try. 

" I am really bad at taking care of myself."

 “In between client visits, planning new designs and meeting with suppliers, I grab meals on the run and barely have any free time. It was always go, go, go."

Despite numerous memberships Jill was never able to get herself to the gym.

Something needed to change

My client had given me the details for Katrina and Laurie’s Pilates classes. While I couldn’t always make the live classes, they have a great library of pre-recorded classes I could fit into my day. And I could do them at home or in my office."

After a few weeks attending 2-3 classes per week, Jill noticed she could move easier and that the tension in her shoulders and neck had eased. She was more supple and flexible and felt great.

“Not only has the pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back eased, but I now have more structure and routine in my day. My energy levels throughout the day have also improved and I sleep so much better. I look forward to my classes and learning new moves and stretches. At the end of a long day, stretching it out and letting go of the day’s stresses has been the best remedy for my mind and body.”