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When Covid19 Hit He Started To Lose His Motivation

Peter, a 41-year-old freelancer gave up his 9-5 in the city a few years ago and has never looked back. He loved the freedom of working to his own schedule and was making a good living. But when COVID-19 had an impact on his business, he started to lose his motivation and his routine suffered.

"How I was going to pay the bills, support my family and save my business?”

“At the start of quarantine, I experienced a sudden drop in business. I lost motivation and routinely overslept. One by one, my clients told me they had no work available for me and I was starting to panic.

Peter knew that his biggest problem was his routine.

While he couldn’t control his work situation right now, he could start to build structure in other areas of his life.

“Keeping fit has always been important to me. I like to shake things up a little with a good mixture of cardio and Pilates. When my Pilates studio was closed due to the pandemic, I was really pleased when Laurie and Katrina started offering online classes. 

Gradually, I started to get my groove back and now I’m doing a mixture of live and pre-recorded classes 7-10 times a week.”

Peter built Pilates into his daily routine, often completing classes in the mornings to boost his focus and energy. In just a few weeks, he was noticing improved flexibility and that the stretches he was mastering were helping his muscles to recover faster after his evening runs. 

"It's been a game changer for me."

I’m not quite sure where I’d be mentally and physically if I hadn’t found the classes at the right time.

And now that my business is starting to show signs of life once more, I know that I can dip into Laurie and Katrina’s online classes whenever I can.”