When Taking It Easy Wasn’t an Option

For 47-year-old nurse, Charlotte, long days and the heavy lifting of patients was starting to take its toll. She had started to notice the gradual build-up of pain on the inside of her elbow. More and more often, she would have to ask a colleague to help her with physical tasks or to take over completely.

A trip to the doctor’s office revealed that she was suffering from elbow tendinitis

Elbow tendinitis is an inflammation of the elbow tendons that can cause sudden or gradual pain on the inner or outer elbow. The doctor told her to follow a course of RICE and to take it easy. 

Rest.  Ice.  Compression.  Elevation.

But “taking it easy” wasn’t an option in Charlotte’s profession. 

 She needed to find a way to ease the pain that had long-term results. “I’m an RN in a busy ER. I love my job and couldn’t work anywhere else. Lifting and moving patients to make them more comfortable is part of who I am and they depend on me.” 

Desperate not to have to move departments and give up the job she loved, Charlotte started researching alternative tendinitis remedies.

Her search brought her to Pilates and the classes offered by Katrina and Laurie.

“I’d heard of Pilates before, but never really had the time or need to give it a try. Now was the time.” 

“Because of the pandemic, all of our classes together were virtual, which worked so well!

Laurie took me through groups of Pilates exercises for improved elbow mobility and shoulder organization."

"We also performed scapular stabilization exercises under different loads. As well as my regular Pilates classes, I attended physical therapy sessions for additional support. The difference has been amazing.”

As the strength built in her shoulders and she developed improved mobility in her elbows, Charlotte noticed she was able to move about her daily activities with much more ease and much less pain.

“I know that tendinitis is a condition that I may have to live with, but the strengthening and conditioning exercises that I practice every week have been a game-changer for me in so many ways. Most importantly, my patients have somebody they can depend on.”