Will I always see the same Pilates instructor?

unspecified-11The Pilates Studio encourages working out with a different Pilates instructor from time to time to keep your workout fresh, challenging and exciting but for the most part you will be scheduled with the same instructor. When you first come to the studio for Sessions we will pair you up with a Pilates instructor based on your availability, background and goals. Occasionally you might have a substitute but your main instructor will arrange that with you ahead of time. Very rarely, will you have a surprise substitute for a Session and you always have the option to reschedule.

Our staff works as a tight knit team.  All of our Pilates instructors are trained and certified through Polestar Pilates so there is a consistent language amongst them when it comes to Pilates.  On a weekly basis our instructors share and work together on case studies, and continuing education. While you may be working with one particular instructor you will always have the whole team supporting you. Each instructor came to The Pilates Studio with her own unique background, experience and specialties.  Scoliosis? Ask for Jenni. Athlete? Ask for Kay. Horseback rider? Ask for Suzanne. Neck problems? Ask for Ruth. Dancer? Ask for Maureen or Ivy. Yogi? Ask for Nancy. Cross Fitter? Ask for Holly.