Becoming a Pilates Teacher: Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Series

Becoming Pilates TeachersA couple of weeks ago at The Pilates Studio in Hadley, we started our third Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, and once again I am so excited to work with a group of diverse individuals who understand the power of movement and the relationship of movement to wellness.  Over the next six months we will meet as a group for one weekend a month to learn new exercises in The Pilates Repertoire, but we will also be learning so much more.  The process of becoming Pilates Teachers  is a journey towards new freedom in one’s body.

In this course we cover program design.  Students in the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive series learn how to design a specific program that meets the needs of the client in front of them.  For instance, what kind of program might you give to someone who has been sedentary due to an intense and focused work life, and how might that program differ from someone who’s life keeps them bouncing in all directions.

And once we’ve learned about program design, then we begin to talk about ways in which to communicate with the client to get the best possible outcome.  Students learn how to work with different learning styles and learn the best strategies for communication so that their future clients feel safe and free to be themselves.

And what about folks with injuries?  Students in the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive series learn how to modify anything and everything for any person with which they might come in contact.  When becoming Pilates Teachers, students learn that everybody can do Pilates no matter what their past injuries or past accomplishments. The most acute injury can begin the process of healing and the most accomplished athlete can be challenged and improve performance.  Pilates is for anybody and everybody and every student that goes through the process of becoming Pilates Teachers with Polestar knows how to help their clients succeed.

So for the next six months, on this blog, you will hear about the progress of the amazing students who have found Polestar Pilates and its unique way to work with every individual.  You will hear stories of accomplishments, challenges and growth. Bodies will change before our very eyes as everyone begins the process of moving in every plane of motion with the most balanced and efficient movement!  What a journey we are on! I can’t wait for it to continue!

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