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Where should I start?

Get started with one of our Intro offers :

Intro offers are for new clients only


Mat classes are a great way to try Pilates if you don’t have any serious injuries (not sure? ask us.).  Sign ups are not required but recommended. These classes provide a well-rounded workout that includes core strength, arm & leg work, stretching, balance, and coordination. Check our schedule for class times and descriptions and then drop in, or sign up for your first class.

NEW CLIENT OFFER: 2 weeks unlimited mat classes for $49.  [/one-third-first] [one-third]

Most people start with Private Sessions if they have a particular goal, or if they have an injury.  After 3 Private Sessions clients can continue with Privates,transition into Small Groups or Independent Sessions, sign up for Apparatus Classes or drop into Mat Classes. (This will depdent on your individual program and progress) Please call us at 413-586-3504 or email the studio to schedule your appointments.

NEW CLIENT OFFER: “The Introductory Package” is 3 Private sessions in 4 weeks for $180. [/one-third] [one-third]

Start with a Private session that will introduce you to the Reformer and give you a general full body workout which will allow you to participate in regular weekly Reformer Classes.  This is a great option for clients who want a regular Pilates practice on the Apparatus but don’t necessarily need a customized program.Please call us at 413-586-3504 or email the studio to schedule your Private session.

NEW CLIENT OFFER: “The Reformer Jump Start” is 1 Private and 3 Reformer classes in 4 weeks for $120.