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Pilates and Riding

Want to feel more balanced and confident in the saddle? Pilates can help!

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Imagine the strength riding a horse requires. This is not brute strength that powers through every move. The strength of a rider is found in her precision, control and coordination.

Pilates is an excellent practice for any equestrian whether she is a dressage rider using the subtle movements of her pelvis to guide a horse through the levels or a hunter jumper who has to organize her spine to land all jumps without injury.

Any Equestrian also requires organization in the shoulder girdle that makes handling a horse and cleaning stalls safe for the back and neck. Not to mention the core strength that is required to keep a body safe during a fall from an excited horse.


More than that- The Pilates Studio has the perfect instructor for any equestrian.

Suzanne Mente was  the dressage coach at UMASS for many years and introduced Pilates to the team. Now she is an  instructor at The Pilates Studio and with her expertise on the horse she can design a program for any rider that will improve scores and keep bodies safe.