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The health and safety of our clients and staff are our priority. 


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We create and teach goal based programs that give you the workout you need, to get the results you want, doing exercise you'll love. 

I'm addicted to all the classes and teachers here. I started Pilates while recovering from a serious back injury. Katrina took the time to get to know my body and my goals, and came up with a routine that was safe and more effective than any PT I'd tried. I improved so quickly, and was able to move on to more challenging things to build and maintain my strength, flexibility, and balance. There are options available for lots of different price points, schedules, and learning personalities (focused solo attention or more social group interactions). I've now had sessions and classes with almost all the instructors, and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone."

Sarah H.

I take Cathy’s bone density class on Friday mornings, and I just love it! Her course is well structured and moves at a good clip. She is extremely knowledgeable, and like all the other instructors at the Pilates Studio, she knows how to challenge us while giving clear instructions that emphasize safety. She is fun, very supportive, and always attentive to those who need extra help. Most importantly, my body feels great after a class with Cathy. Thank you, Cathy!

Denise R.

Took my first classic Pilates class and it was reall instructive! Kristy was a great teacher, gave helpful instruction and I really felt like I got to different areas. If you are thinking about this class, I recommend it!

Marla L.