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We create and teach goal based programs that give you the workout you need, to get the results you want, doing exercise you'll love. 

The best possible instructors,knowledgeable understanding of complex physical issues.

Sonya T.

I can attend 3 classes in a 24 hour period and each one will be different and great! Say, Monday evening with Tristan who has a background in yoga, Tuesday noon with Kristy and her Classical Pilates, and then end it with Katrina (one of the co-owners) who has a wide knowledge of the apparatus Pilates and regularly teaches series for beginners, among other things. And then I can still go for the 5 pm class with Nancy where one never knows what's gonna happen - she likes to take out the Oov, for instance!! OK, so that's actually 4 different Pilates classes in 24 hours in one studio...well I'm sure you get my point; 5 stars, the best.

Peter H.

Since I started my Pilates practice three years ago, I have improved posture, strengthened my spine and have developed balance and overall strength.

I now have a greater sense of overall stability and can perform activities that require a lot more balance and coordination than I used to. I used to wobble all over the place and now I am steady and strong. I can walk around more confidently and feel like all four corners of my feet are securely planted on the ground. I know that my strong core will provide me with the strength and stability to remain balanced as I grow older.

Susan H.