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I mostly attend the Mat classes and each class is different. Not only because there is around half a dozen instructor who teach Pilates on mat on a regular basis, but even the same teacher will regularly mix it up a little; hand weights, fitness balls, the Oov (I hope I'm spelling the name of that thing right, ;-), resistance bands, small squishy balls, the "magic circle" etc. Not a one class is the same, which I love! And every single of their teachers are not only certified in Pilates and very knowledgeable in anatomy & general fitness, they're also friendly and funny. I never had a bad class at this Pilates studio in my 8+ years of patronizing it, and I always feel batter afterwards!

Peter H.

I can attend 3 classes in a 24 hour period and each one will be different and great! Say, Monday evening with Tristan who has a background in yoga, Tuesday noon with Kristy and her Classical Pilates, and then end it with Katrina (one of the co-owners) who has a wide knowledge of the apparatus Pilates and regularly teaches series for beginners, among other things. And then I can still go for the 5 pm class with Nancy where one never knows what's gonna happen - she likes to take out the Oov, for instance!! OK, so that's actually 4 different Pilates classes in 24 hours in one studio...well I'm sure you get my point; 5 stars, the best.

Peter H.

The Pilates Studio rocks! The instructors are very skilled and the variety of class offerings is excellent. This is a very welcoming place for students of all levels. I absolutely love it there!

Susan H.