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I have been fortunate to have taken a number of classes with Tristan over the past few months. She is an extremely skilled instructor with a compassionate, warm personality. Her classes are very relaxing, yet you work your core and increase flexibility through her very thoughtful flow of exercises. I highly recommend taking a class with Tristan. You'll be very happy that you did!

Susan H.

I moved from NYC and was sad to leave my pilates instructors there, but I'm so happy I found such a good new pilates home here. I've done private sessions, small groups, and classes with almost all of the instructors, who all have uniquely effective ways to help me improve my posture, strength, flexibility, and stability. I've never seen or used such a diverse collection of equipment and props, or a group of teachers so eager to invent new ways to benefit from them all. There's a great sense of friendly community spanning all ages and fitness levels, and I'm always excited to walk in the door.

Sarah H.

I can tie my shoe, one foot at a time, standing in one leg.

It’s true!

Deidre C.