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Nothing like starting a snowy Monday with Pilates and Nancy! Great class....I feel ready to hit the slopes!

Marla L.

Pilates has changed my life. Training with Kristy for 7 months has been great. She is extremely dedicated and I love “classical” Pilates. My balance has improved so much when walking and my body feels much stronger. Everyone should sign up for a session with Kristy. Thank, Kristy

Denise Tourangeau

I just started a Pilates Challenge #2! I did it and finished it, in the summer but wasn't able to take advantage of the deep discount you can get if you finish all 3 and then just keep going. This time I plan not only keep on doing Pilates but also to mix it with the Apparatus classes, which are still kinda new to me but I love the fact that I can take 2 classes in the same day and they both gonna be totally different. It's also a great way to meet all the instructors working at the Hadley Pilates studio, they are all great & knowledgeable. Well, join me if you also love Pilates and challenges 🙂 I highly recommend it..

Peter H>