We create and teach goal-based programs that give you the workout you need to get the results you want, doing exercise you'll love.

Welcome To The Pilates Studio

If you've been sensing a shift in your body's flexibility, encountering those unwelcome aches, or feeling the grip of tightness, you're not alone.

Many of us come to a point where the activities we once loved start to feel out of reach.

But fret not, for this is where positive change begins. Life's twists and turns can bring us to moments of realization, urging us to seek solutions.

The Pilates Studio offers personalized approaches for regaining the freedom of movement you desire.

Here, it's more than just exercises – we offer personalized strategies to meet your specific needs. Our studio values your empowerment. Our aim is to provide you with practical tools and strategies that you can easily grasp and put into action, leading to real benefits.

What We Offer:

What We Offer

Private Sessions

for beginners and clients with strong rehabilitative needs. It is our mission to progress clients out of Private Sessions swiftly. Click here to read why.

Semi-Private & 

Small Group Sessions

for clients with a basic or intermediate understanding of Pilates, their own program and the Pilates Apparatus.

Apparatus &

Mat Classes

for clients with no or minor injuries aiming to enhance their fitness level and sustain it.

Independent Sessions

for clients who want a self-guided workout and who know their program and understand how to set up the apparatus safely.

But Wait! There's More:

But Wait! There's More:

Beyond our Pilates offerings, we provide a range of additional services designed to enhance your overall well-being.

Strength Training Sessions

If you're looking for more power and stamina (or looking to not lose your power and stamina), and you have a strong physical foundation from Pilates, consider adding strength training to your routine. Our strength training room is equipped with gentle options for novices of any age.

Online Fitness Platform- Fitstreams.club

Take FREE classes with us at home at Fitstreams.club! Fitstreams is our online platform where we deliver recordings of our live stream replays for free, for everyone. Additionally, we offer a variety of fitness courses led by some of our favorite instructors, all available through an affordable monthly subscription.

Physical Therapy

Welcome to Paul Warner, whose PT practice is located at The Pilates Studio. 

Regain or maintain the freedom of movement you want.

Meet Our Team:

Get to know the exceptional individuals who drive our studio's dedication to helping you feel good in your body and empowering your freedom of movement.

Katrina Hawley CMA, NCPT

Studio Owner & Polestar® Pilates Educator

Laurie Johnson

Studio Owner & Instructor

Maureen Shea

Polestar® Pilates Educator

Julie Albano

Studio Manager

Cathy Lawlor

Cathy Lawlor

PT & Polestar® Pilates Instructor

Libby Stanforth

Libby Stanforth

Polestar® Pilates Instructor

Ruth Hutton

Polestar® Pilates Educator

Jenna Riegel

Stott Pilates Instructor

Adelyn Choo

Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Holly Keith

Singular, Feminine

Polestar® Pilates Instructor & ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Senior Fitness

What Our Clients Say

Instructor was spot on, every moment felt expertly conducted and super valuable. My very first session, and over the following 12 hours I feel like a new person -- not to be dramatic, but I can feel the difference throughout my frame, more opened up, looser, better posture . . . more like the way my body felt 30 or 40 years ago.

John David M.

Libby is fun, thorough, terrific instructions as to clarity of movement and exercise. She tailors the time to what I need given the status of my skeleton and movement as I am right now. I feel the difference both during and after the sessions and value what I take away to integrate into my movement and other exercise routines.

Patricia W.

Great instructors in a supportive environment. Pilates ended my chronic shoulder pain and has given me better posture and core strength. Highly recommended!

Lisa S.

The Pilates studio has wonderful staff and the classes are challenging. I feel great after going to class!

Kimberly D.

I love my 50 minutes in class!

Maureen L.

I think the world of Pilates and I’m so happy that there is a studio that focuses on it, instead of it being a sometimes add-on to yoga.

Priscilla M.