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What Everybody Ought To Know About Recovering From An Injury During A Pandemic

Kimberelee, a 47 year old teacher, was blissfully enjoying her active lifestyle and was able to move her body freely with no limitations. She enjoyed hiking long trails with her friends, and swimming laps in the pool with her family on a hot summer day. 

Then, tragically, in the winter of 2018, she slipped on a patch of ice in her driveway, and suffered a severe broken ankle.

 Post surgery with two metal plates now in her foot, she lived in constant pain, and she feared that the days of hiking and swimming would be a thing of the past, just a distant memory.

“One of the realities of life after a broken ankle”, says Kimberlee, “is that getting up and down off the floor, or in and out of a bathtub, or walking distances or even swimming- all things that I really treasure, are so cumbersome”. 

Kimberlee recounted many times when she was stuck and helpless, not able to get up out of the tub or off of the floor without the help of another person or a cane. Knowing that her body once was able to do these simple, everyday tasks without assistance was frustrating, and she exclaims “... I took those things for granted”.  After this time of settling for her constant pain, she decided that it needed to come to an end, and she took action. 

After researching Pilates and the benefits that it could potentially offer, she was excited to discover that classes were offered online since covid restricted in person ones. 

She wanted to move her body and needed the kind of structure a class provides. Additionally, she enjoyed how there wasn't an added stress of being visible on Zoom; with her video off, her concerns were eased and Kimberly felt more comfortable participating in online classes. 

Also, online classes revitalized her typical work-from-home routine, and that “it became a nice break in the morning work from home flow, not to mention the energy and strength it gives me”. 

Before online classes, everyday tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning to grab her steaming hot cup of coffee or letting the dog out, came with a price;

shooting, sharp pain up through her foot.  

Now, after many online classes under her belt, the simple things that used to be troublesome for Kimberlee, such as getting herself in and out of a bathtub, engaging her core in the pool, or sitting crossed-legged on the floor, are now attainable and done with ease.

In addition to recovering from her severe injury, Kimberlee has found strength within herself that she never knew she was capable of.....

She recounts a time when she was driving on the highway and her car broke down, and by herself, was able to safely push her car to the side of the road.

“ I will always be with the knowledge that my body was able to do that and the confidence that comes with that type of strength is incredible”. 

With her ankle injury no longer holding her back, Kimberly now moves as freely as she wishes with no limitations, and can re-focus on the things that she enjoys most in life.

Notification of Closure During Pandemic

To all our wonderful clients and friends,

With heavy hearts and so much compassion for the world right now we are announcing that The Pilates Studio will be closed until further notice.  

 Important Info:

  • All of your packages and memberships are on hold until we open again. No need to worry about expiration dates.  
  • Any updates will be posted on our website:


The good news:

  • We will be offering Private Tele-Sessions with Katrina. 
  • Our online Tele-Class membership is up! 

Our online Tele-class membership means you get access to:

  • Daily live mat classes
  • Community check ins with Katrina
  • Our growing library of on demand classes and more
  •  20% off Tele-Private sessions.

 This membership is a suggested price of $100/month however we know everyone is experiencing the financial stress and struggle as us so we’d love to give you access to this membership for any amount you can afford.  

The Pilates Studio has been our sole livelihood, our passion and our dream come true  for the last 20 years. We have such full hearts for each and everyone one of you who have supported us in so many ways. 

 We are committed to getting our front door open as soon as possible!

 Click HERE to get your monthly tele-class membership

Spring Forward Reformer Series

Wednesdays 6:15pm with Suzanne

2/26- 4/1 with a make up class scheduled for 4/8

Join a fun group for a creative evening workout and interesting challenges.

You’ll start on February 26th, and each week your balance, core stability, and body mobility will improve with challenging and creative Reformer exercises. In no time, you will be anticipating Spring instead of loathing Winter.

And the best part? Week after week, as you leave class feeling fantastic, you’ll notice it’s lighter out than it was the week before.

Classical Mat Series

Join us for a very special series offered during

Classical Mat Series

All 5 Tuesdays in March at  2pm

with Kristy $99 |  5 week series

A floor work version of the classical Pilates method. 

The focus is on executing precise movements that originate from the core of your body, activating and engaging the deepest layers of muscles to stabilize and support your spine and pelvis. Central tenants of each class will be centering, precision, flexibility, breath, flow, and a mind-body connection.

Download Our App

Our new App was released in January 2020.  The previous App will no longer work. 

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New Class Series for 2020


Next Series Series Starts: January 9, 2020

Still Standing

Pilates for balance and fall prevention.

Over this six week series  you will progressively challenge your balance & coordination, as well as strengthen & condition muscles that promote proper gait.

Our Winter Series start January 8th and February 26th

Pilates for Riders

Over the six week series you'll learn ways to improve posture in the saddle, strengthen legs & abdominals and increase hip mobility.

2 Series starting in January

Beginner Reformer

Your instructor will introduce you to all the parts and pieces of the Reformer and teach you exercises that will leave you completely confident to sign up for any of our regular weekly Reformer and/or Reformer/Tower classes.

Our 4 week series starts 1/4/2020

Konnector Reformer

Bring your Reformer workout to the next level. 
The Konnector utilizes a 1 rope pulley system that facilitates full-body integration and stronger core activation in dynamic new ways.

I can do the tree pose for days! Thanks, Pilates Studio!!

Caroline Y.

I had a private session today with Kristy. It was just what I needed! She introduced me to some new exercises in order to challenge me. She gave clear, helpful cues and pushed me to reach my full potential. Working with Kristy will definitely help to improve my performance and inner-confidence that I am doing each exercise correctly in order to achieve maximum benefits from my pilates practice.

Susan H.

I can attend 3 classes in a 24 hour period and each one will be different and great! Say, Monday evening with Tristan who has a background in yoga, Tuesday noon with Kristy and her Classical Pilates, and then end it with Katrina (one of the co-owners) who has a wide knowledge of the apparatus Pilates and regularly teaches series for beginners, among other things. And then I can still go for the 5 pm class with Nancy where one never knows what's gonna happen - she likes to take out the Oov, for instance!! OK, so that's actually 4 different Pilates classes in 24 hours in one studio...well I'm sure you get my point; 5 stars, the best.

Peter H.

Important information about our software

For months we have been working very hard with our software vendor, Wellness Living.  We have been letting them know of the problems that we have been having, and communicating all of our frustration on your behalf.  Despite our sincere belief that the issues we have raised should be fixed by the vendor, we could not get them to agree. 

Unfortunately, last week we came to the conclusion with the vendor that we cannot move forward together. While we hoped to work out a short-term agreement with them, the outcome is that we will be switching to a new system within a matter of weeks. 

We realize the timing of this change is unfortunate, especially since we’ve recently been making a push for you to buy packages online. We can assure you, however, that we are working diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and our dedicated staff.  We will be sending out additional information with everything you need to know as we get closer to the transition.  

What Happens Next?

We have determined that the Mindbody system has the right mix of features and ease of use for our client’ needs. Their strong industry reputation, their dedication to continuing to enhance their software over the past few years, and their experience working with larger studios like ours serves to reinforce that belief.  

Mindbody is working with us to transfer all key data in Wellness Living to their system. This will make the transition as seamless as possible, since schedules, purchases, and bookings will be migrated automatically.  For security reasons we cannot migrate credit card data. We will be closing our credit card processing account with Wellness Living and opening a new one with Mindbody. Your credit Card information will be reentered at your next transaction and we will work closely with you to make that process as simple as possible. 

How Does This Effect Me Today?

For now there is nothing for you to do.  For the next two weeks you will continue using Wellness Living as you have been.  We will send further emails and post details of action steps that need to be taken in the future.  We will also be available to show you everything you need to know about the new software when the time comes.  

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please direct them to Katrina.  She will be will be handling all of your questions, which will allow Laurie and Mark to focus on the transition of our software system. 


You've just gotten into your fall routine.  After a hectic summer you're back to your regular Pilates routine and you feel GREAT! It's amazing how tall and strong you feel when you do Pilates 3-4x a week.  

But now the holidays. They come faster every year.  There's  4pm darkness, holiday travel, school events, work parties, snowy goes on.  Your Pilates routine slips. 

We get it. That's why we play PLINGO in November!

All you need to do to play is get your Plingo card at the studio.  Do what the card says (i.e take a mat class, do Pilates on a Monday, Try a new instructor, etc).  Not only will you stay on track but you'll have a blast doing it.  PLUS: You could win a $500 studio credit!

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